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Li, S. Q. & Wang, X. X. (2017). New cave-dwelling spiders of the family Dictynidae (Arachnida, Araneae) from Guangxi and Guizhou, China. Zoological Systematics 42(2): 125-228. doi:10.11865/zs.201711 download pdf


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Brommella baiseensis Dictynidae 126, f. 2a-b, 3a-b, 4a-b, 5a-d, 6a-e (Dmf) Brommella baiseensis
Brommella casseabri Dictynidae 133, f. 7a-b, 8a-d (Df) Brommella casseabri
Brommella chongzuoensis Dictynidae 135, f. 1d-e, 9a-b, 10a-d (Df) Brommella chongzuoensis
Brommella dolabrata Dictynidae 135, f. 11a-b, 12a-b, 13a-b, 14a-d, 15a-e (Dmf) Brommella dolabrata
Brommella funaria Dictynidae 140, f. 16a-b, 17a-b, 18a-b, 19a-d, 20a-e (Dmf) Brommella funaria
Brommella josephkohi Dictynidae 145, f. 21a-b, 22a-b, 23a-b, 24a-d, 25a-f (Dmf) Brommella josephkohi
Brommella linyuchengi Dictynidae 153, f. 1a-b, 26a-b, 27a-b, 28a-b, 29a-d, 30a-e (Dmf) Brommella linyuchengi
Brommella renguodongi Dictynidae 158, f. 31a-b, 32a-b, 33a-b, 34a-d, 35a-d (Dmf) Brommella renguodongi
Brommella resima Dictynidae 163, f. 36a-b, 37a-d (Df) Brommella resima
Brommella sejuncta Dictynidae 165, f. 1f-g, 38a-b, 39a-d (Df) Brommella sejuncta
Brommella spirula Dictynidae 170, f. 40a-b, 41a-b, 42a-b, 43a-d, 44a-f (Dmf) Brommella spirula
Brommella tongyanfengi Dictynidae 170, f. 45a-b, 46a-b, 47a-b, 48a-d, 49a-e (Dmf) Brommella tongyanfengi
Brommella wangfengcheni Dictynidae 175, f. 50a-b, 51a-d (Df) Brommella wangfengcheni
Brommella xinganensis Dictynidae 180, f. 52a-b, 53a-b, 54a-b, 55a-d, 56a-e (Dmf) Brommella xinganensis
Brommella yizhouensis Dictynidae 185, f. 57a-b, 58a-b, 59a-b, 60a-d, 61a-e (Dmf) Brommella yizhouensis
Cicurina avicularia Hahniidae 190, f. 62a-b, 63a-b, 64a-b, 65a-d, 66a-e (Dmf) Cicurina avicularia
Cicurina damaoensis Hahniidae 195, f. 67a-b, 68a-d (Df) Cicurina damaoensis
Cicurina dong Hahniidae 195, f. 69a-d, 70a-b, 71a-d, 72a-e (Dmf) Cicurina dong
Cicurina kailiensis Hahniidae 202, f. 73a-b, 74a-b, 75a-b, 76a-d, 77a-e (Dmf) Cicurina kailiensis
Cicurina majiangensis Hahniidae 208, f. 78a-b, 79a-b, 80a-d (Dm) Cicurina majiangensis
Cicurina parallela Hahniidae 210, f. 81a-b, 82a-d (Df) Cicurina parallela
Cicurina wusanani Hahniidae 213, f. 83a-b, 84a-b, 85a-b, 86a-d, 87a-e (Dmf) Cicurina wusanani
Cicurina zhazuweii Hahniidae 221, f. 88a-b, 89a-d (Df) Cicurina zhazuweii
Lathys chishuiensis Dictynidae 226, f. 90a-d, 91a-e, 93c (mf) Lathys chishuiensis
Lathys inaffecta Dictynidae 226, f. 1c, 92a-b, 93a-b, 94a-b, 95a-d, 96a-e (Dmf) Lathys inaffecta
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