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Mendoza, J. I. & Francke, O. F. (2017). Systematic revision of Brachypelma red-kneed tarantulas (Araneae: Theraphosidae), and the use of DNA barcodes to assist in the identification and conservation of CITES-listed species. Invertebrate Systematics 31(2): 157-179. doi:10.1071/IS16023 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Brachypelma hamorii Theraphosidae 167, f. 24-40, 46-49, 52, 57-60 (mf) Brachypelma hamorii
Brachypelma smithi Theraphosidae 162, f. 3-22, 42-45, 50-51, 53-56 (mf, S of Brachypelma annitha) Brachypelma smithi
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