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Ortiz, D. & Francke, O. F. (2017). Reconciling morphological and molecular systematics in tarantulas (Araneae: Theraphosidae): revision of the Mexican endemic genus Bonnetina. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 180(4): 819-886. doi:10.1093/zoolinnean/zlw013 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bonnetina alagoni Theraphosidae 844, f. 10B (mf, figure of habitus only) Bonnetina alagoni
Bonnetina aviae Theraphosidae 844, f. 10A (mf, figure of habitus only) Bonnetina aviae
Bonnetina cyaneifemur Theraphosidae 839, f. 8A-B, 12A-L, 25A-C, 27A-C (mf) Bonnetina cyaneifemur
Bonnetina flammigera Theraphosidae 876, f. 11C, 24A-J, 26D-F (Dm) Bonnetina flammigera
Bonnetina hijmenseni Theraphosidae 860, f. 9E-F, 18A-L, 25M-O, 27J (Dmf) Bonnetina hijmenseni
Bonnetina hobbit Theraphosidae 875, f. 11D, 23A-D (Df) Bonnetina hobbit
Bonnetina julesvernei Theraphosidae 863, f. 9G-H, 19A-L, 26A-C (Dmf) Bonnetina julesvernei
Bonnetina malinalli Theraphosidae 855, f. 9A-B, 16A-L (Dmf) Bonnetina malinalli
Bonnetina megagyna Theraphosidae 869, f. 10E-F, 21A-L, 26G-I (Dmf) Bonnetina megagyna
Bonnetina minax Theraphosidae 852, f. 8G-H, 15A-L,25G-I, 27H (Dmf) Bonnetina minax
Bonnetina obscura Theraphosidae 842, f. 13A-H (f, T from Cyclosternum, nomen dubium) Bonnetina obscura
Bonnetina papalutlensis Theraphosidae 845, f. 8E-F (mf) Bonnetina papalutlensis
Bonnetina rudloffi Theraphosidae 843 (nomen dubium) Bonnetina rudloffi
Bonnetina tanzeri Theraphosidae 847, f. 8C-D, 14A-N, 25D-F, 27D-G (mf, S of B. reyescastilloi) Bonnetina tanzeri
Bonnetina tenuiverpis Theraphosidae 851 (mf, only supplemental diagnosis) Bonnetina tenuiverpis
Bonnetina tindoo Theraphosidae 872, f. 11A-B, 22A-L, 26J-L (Dmf) Bonnetina tindoo
Bonnetina unam Theraphosidae 866, f. 10C-D, 20A-L, 27K (Dmf) Bonnetina unam
Bonnetina vittata Theraphosidae 857, f. 9C-D, 17A-L, 25J-L, 27I (Dmf) Bonnetina vittata
Schizopelma juxtantricola Theraphosidae 851 (mf, supplemental diagnosis) Bonnetina juxtantricola
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