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Machado, M., Teixeira, R. A. & Lise, A. A. (2017). Cladistic analysis supports the monophyly of the Neotropical crab spider genus Epicadus and its senior synonymy over Tobias (Araneae:‚ÄČThomisidae). Invertebrate Systematics 31(4): 442-455 & Supplement. doi:10.1071/IS16074 download pdf


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Borboropactus nyerere Thomisidae 454, f. S3B, S5E, S12A, S13C, S14A,C (m) Borboropactus nyerere
Coenypha ditissima Thomisidae 454, f. S12C (m) Stephanopis ditissima
Epicadinus trispinosus Thomisidae 454, f. S8A, S10D (f) Epicadinus trispinosus
Epicadus camelinus Thomisidae 448, f. S4C, S6B, S15C (f, T from Tobias, S of Tobias martinezi) [m, fig. S12B, misidentified per Machado, Teixeira & Lise, 2018: 507, belongs to E. taczanowskii] Epicadus camelinus
Epicadus granulatus Thomisidae 448, f. S4F, S8D, S15D (f, S of Tobias inermis) Epicadus granulatus
Epicadus pulcher Thomisidae 448 (T from Tobias, S of Tobias epicadoides and Tobias regius) Epicadus pulcher
Epicadus stelloides Thomisidae 448, f. 3A, S2B, S5D,F, S9C, S10A,F, S15A (f, T from Tobias) Epicadus caudatus
Epicadus taczanowskii Thomisidae 448, f. 2D-E, S11C, S14E, S15B,F (m, T from Tobias) Epicadus taczanowskii
Epicadus taczanowskii Thomisidae 448, f. S12B (m) [misidentified per Machado, Teixeira & Lise, 2018: 507] Epicadus camelinus
Epicadus trituberculatus Thomisidae 448 (T from Tobias, S of Tobias paraguayensis and Epicadus planus) Epicadus trituberculatus
Epicadus tuberculatus Thomisidae 448 (T from Tobias) Epicadus pustulosus
Kryptochroma quinquetuberculata Thomisidae 454, f. S4D, S5B, S7E, S10C, S11D, S13E, S14D (m, Df) Stephanopis quinquetuberculata
Onocolus infelix Thomisidae 454, f. S2D, S9E, S11E (m) Onocolus infelix
Sidymella lucida Thomisidae 454, f. S11A,F, S14B (m) Sidymella lucida
Tmarus polyandrus Thomisidae 454, f. S3C,F, S8C, S10E, S11B, S12D, S13A-B (mf) Tmarus polyandrus
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