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Xiong, F., Liu, Z. P. & Zhang, Z. S. (2017). Review on the jumping spider genus Hyllus from China (Araneae Salticidae). Acta Arachnologica Sinica 26(1): 22-26. doi:10.3969/j.issn.1005-9628.2017.01.005 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Hyllus diardi Salticidae 23, f. 1A-G (mf, S of Hyllus janthinus and H. lacertosus) Hyllus diardi
Hyllus diardi borneensis Salticidae 24 (not explicitely, but subsequently with S of Hyllus lacertosus it belongs to H. diardi) Hyllus diardi borneensis
Hyllus pupillatus Salticidae 22 (nomen dubium) Hyllus pupillatus
Hyllus qishuoi Salticidae 24, f. 2A-B, 3A-C (Dm) Hyllus qishuoi
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