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Sánchez-Ruiz, A. & Brescovit, A. D. (2017). A new genus with seven species of the subfamily Nopinae (Araneae, Caponiidae) from the Neotropical region. Zootaxa 4291(1): 117-143. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4291.1.7 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Medionops blades Caponiidae 122, f. 1E, 2A-L, 3A-L, 4A-L, 5A-L, 6A-E (Dmf) Medionops blades
Medionops cesari Caponiidae 127, f. 7A-I, 8A-E (mf, T from Nops) Medionops cesari
Medionops claudiae Caponiidae 128, f. 9A-L, 10A-E (Dm) Medionops claudiae
Medionops murici Caponiidae 131, f. 11A-L, 12A-I, 13A-L, 14A-E (Dmf) Medionops murici
Medionops ramirezi Caponiidae 135, f. 15A-F, 16A-I, 17A-E (Dmf) Medionops ramirezi
Medionops simla Caponiidae 138, f. 18A-F, 19A-F (mf, T from Nops) Medionops simla
Medionops tabay Caponiidae 140, f. 19G-L, 20A-E (Dm) Medionops tabay
Genus Family Page
Medionops Sánchez-Ruiz & Brescovit, 2017 Caponiidae 119