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Michalik, P. & Wunderlich, J. (2017). The spider genus Austrochilus Gertsch & Zapfe, 1955 (Araneae: Austrochilidae) — a new species from Chile and a documentation of the male genitalia of austrochilines. Zootaxa 4312(2): 323-332. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4312.2.7 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Austrochilus forsteri Austrochilidae 324, f. 19 (m) Austrochilus forsteri
Austrochilus franckei Austrochilidae 324, f. 18 (m) Austrochilus franckei
Austrochilus manni Austrochilidae 324, f. 14 (m) Austrochilus manni
Austrochilus melon Austrochilidae 324, f. 17 (m) Austrochilus melon
Austrochilus newtoni Austrochilidae 324, f. 15 (m) Austrochilus newtoni
Austrochilus parwis Austrochilidae 325, f. 1-13 (Dmf) Austrochilus parwis
Austrochilus schlingeri Austrochilidae 324, f. 16 (m) Austrochilus schlingeri
Thaida chepu Austrochilidae 325, f. 20 (m) Thaida chepu
Thaida peculiaris Austrochilidae 325, f. 21 (m) Thaida peculiaris
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