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Seo, B. K. (2017b). Four new species of the genera Trilacuna, Orchestina and Hahnia of the families Oonopidae and Hahniidae (Araneae) from Korea. Korean Journal of Environmental Biology 35(2): 184-190. doi:10.11626/KJEB.2017.35.2.184 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Hahnia implexa Hahniidae 188, f. 4A-H (Df) Hahnia implexa
Hahnia montana Hahniidae 185, f. 3A-G (Dm; NB: if Iberina montana returns to Hahnia after a revision, Seo's name would become a secondary homonym) Hahnia montana
Orchestina infirma Oonopidae 185, f. 2A-G (Df) Orchestina infirma
Trilacuna hansanensis Oonopidae 184, f. 1A-K (Dm) Trilacuna hansanensis
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