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Vanderhaegen, K. & Jocqué, R. (2017). A new Afromontane species of the ant-eating spider genus Dusmadiores and description of the male of D. deserticola (Araneae: Zodariidae). Zootaxa 4318(3): 548-560. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4318.3.7 download pdf


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Dusmadiores deserticola Zodariidae 556, f. 2g,j,l, 3x, 9A-D, 10A-B, 11A-B (Dm, f) Dusmadiores deserticola
Dusmadiores doubeni Zodariidae 559, f. 2f,m, 3q,t (mf) Dusmadiores doubeni
Dusmadiores elgonensis Zodariidae 550, f. 2a, 3w, 4A-F, 5A-E, 6A-C, 7A-F, 8A-F (Dmf) Dusmadiores elgonensis
Dusmadiores katelijnae Zodariidae 559, f. 2i,k,n,o, 3q,r,s (mf) Dusmadiores katelijnae
Dusmadiores laminatus Zodariidae 559, f. 2h,p, 3v (mf) Dusmadiores laminatus
Dusmadiores orientalis Zodariidae 559, f. 2c,d, 3u (mf) Dusmadiores orientalis
Dusmadiores robanja Zodariidae 559, f. 2b,e, 3q (mf) Dusmadiores robanja
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