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Xu, X., Liu, F. X., Ono, H., Chen, J., Kuntner, M. & Li, D. Q. (2017c). Targeted sampling in Ryukyus facilitates species delimitation of the primitively segmented spider genus Ryuthela (Araneae: Mesothelae: Liphistiidae). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 181(4): 867-909. doi:10.1093/zoolinnean/zlx024 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ryuthela banna Heptathelidae 899, f. 16A-L (Dmf) Ryuthela banna
Ryuthela henoko Heptathelidae 886, f. 6A-D (Df) Ryuthela henoko
Ryuthela hirakubo Heptathelidae 901, f. 17A-G (Dmf) Ryuthela hirakubo
Ryuthela iheyana Heptathelidae 893, f. 12A-J (mf) Ryuthela iheyana
Ryuthela ishigakiensis Heptathelidae 899, f. 15A-K (mf) Ryuthela ishigakiensis
Ryuthela kisenbaru Heptathelidae 887, f. 7A-D (Df) Ryuthela kisenbaru
Ryuthela motobu Heptathelidae 888, f. 8A-N (Dmf) Ryuthela motobu
Ryuthela nago Heptathelidae 890, f. 9A-I (Df) Ryuthela nago
Ryuthela nishihirai Heptathelidae 884, f. 5A-Z (mf) Ryuthela nishihirai
Ryuthela owadai Heptathelidae 895, f. 13A-L (mf) [removed from S of R. sasakii, contra Tanikawa, 2013a: 38] Ryuthela owadai
Ryuthela sasakii Heptathelidae 895, f. 14A-R (mf) Ryuthela sasakii
Ryuthela shimojanai Heptathelidae 890, f. 10A-D (Df) Ryuthela shimojanai
Ryuthela tanikawai Heptathelidae 905, f. 19A-D (f) Ryuthela tanikawai
Ryuthela unten Heptathelidae 892, f. 11A-H (Df) Ryuthela unten
Ryuthela yarabu Heptathelidae 904, f. 18A-B (Df) Ryuthela yarabu
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