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Agnarsson, I., Van Patten, C., Sargeant, L., Chomitz, B., Dziki, A. & Binford, G. J. (2018). A radiation of the ornate Caribbean ‘smiley-faced spiders’, with descriptions of 15 new species (Araneae: Theridiidae, Spintharus). Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 182(4): 758-790. doi:10.1093/zoolinnean/zlx056 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Spintharus argenteus Theridiidae 760 (nomen dubium) Spintharus argenteus
Spintharus barackobamai Theridiidae 768, f. 6A-H (Dmf) Spintharus barackobamai
Spintharus berniesandersi Theridiidae 772, f. 8A-K (Dmf) Spintharus berniesandersi
Spintharus davidattenboroughi Theridiidae 768, f. 5A-M (Dmf) Spintharus davidattenboroughi
Spintharus davidbowiei Theridiidae 775, f. 10A-E (Dm) Spintharus davidbowiei
Spintharus dayleae Theridiidae 781, f. 15A-K (Dmf) Spintharus dayleae
Spintharus flavidus Theridiidae 766, f. 1B-C, 2A-H,J-K, 4A-O (mf) Spintharus flavidus
Spintharus frosti Theridiidae 777, f. 12A-I (Dmf) Spintharus frosti
Spintharus giraldoalayoni Theridiidae 780, f. 14A-I (Dmf) Spintharus giraldoalayoni
Spintharus goodbreadae Theridiidae 782, f. 16A-I (Dmf) Spintharus goodbreadae
Spintharus greerae Theridiidae 785, f. 18A-F (Df) Spintharus greerae
Spintharus jesselaueri Theridiidae 784, f. 17A-D (Dm) Spintharus jesselaueri
Spintharus leonardodicaprioi Theridiidae 772, f. 9A-I (Dmf) Spintharus leonardodicaprioi
Spintharus manrayi Theridiidae 787, f. 19A-F (Df) Spintharus manrayi
Spintharus michelleobamaae Theridiidae 770, f. 7A-I (Dmf) Spintharus michelleobamaae
Spintharus rallorum Theridiidae 775, f. 1A, 11A-I (Dmf; NB: patronym for Betty and Ray Rall, 'lapsus calami' per ICZN Article 32.5.1., see FAQ 6) Spintharus ralli
Spintharus skelly Theridiidae 779, f. 13A-I (Dmf) Spintharus skelly
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