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Chatzaki, M. & Russell-Smith, A. (2017). New species and new records of ground spiders (Araneae: Gnaphosidae) from Cyprus. Zootaxa 4329(3): 237-255. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4329.3.3 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cryptodrassus helvoloides Gnaphosidae 240, f. 7-11 (mf, T from Zelotes) Cryptodrassus helvoloides
Cryptodrassus helvolus Gnaphosidae 238, f. 1-6 (mf, T from Zelotes) Cryptodrassus helvolus
Drassyllus cyprius Gnaphosidae 244, f. 16, 18-20, 23, 25-26 (Dmf) Drassyllus cyprius
Drassyllus sur Gnaphosidae 243, f. 17, 21-22, 24 (mf) Drassyllus sur
Leptodrassex algericus Gnaphosidae 243, f. 12C-D (f, N.B.: 12C is paralectotype of Castanilla marchesii) Leptodrassex algericus
Micaria marchesii Gnaphosidae 242 (removed from S of Micaria pallipes, contra Haddad & Bosmans, 2013: 397) Micaria marchesii
Micaria pallipes Gnaphosidae 240, f. 12A-B (f) Micaria pallipes
Synaphosus shirin Gnaphosidae 248, f. 29-34 (Dmf) Synaphosus shirin
Turkozelotes mccowani Gnaphosidae 247, f. 27-28 (Df) Setaphis mccowani
Zelotes limnatis Gnaphosidae 250, f. 35, 37-40 (Dm) Zelotes limnatis
Zelotes metellus Gnaphosidae 250, f. 36 (m) Zelotes metellus
Zelotes zekharya Gnaphosidae 251, f. 41-42 (Df) Zelotes zekharya
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