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Fu, L. N., He, J. C. & Zhang, F. (2015). Species of the genus Otacilia from Hainan Island, China (Araneae: Phrurolithidae). Zoological Systematics 40(4): 436-450. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Otacilia bawangling Phrurolithidae 448, f. 59-65 (mf) Otacilia bawangling
Otacilia biarclata Phrurolithidae 437, f. 1-20 (Dmf) Otacilia biarclata
Otacilia florifera Phrurolithidae 444, f. 21-34 (Dmf) Otacilia florifera
Otacilia jianfengling Phrurolithidae 448, f. 52-58 (mf) Otacilia jianfengling
Otacilia limushan Phrurolithidae 444, f. 35-51 (Dmf) Otacilia limushan
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