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Wu, J. L., Luo, Y. F. & Li, S. Q. (2017). Nine new species of the spider genus Stedocys (Araneae, Scytodidae) from China and Thailand. Zoological Research 52(5): 215-242. doi:10.24272/j.issn.2095-8137.2017.066 download pdf


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Scyloxes zhaoi Scytodidae 232, f. 16A-F, 17A-E, 20C-D (Dmf) Stedocys zhaoi
Stedocys gaolingensis Scytodidae 216, f. 1A-F, 2A-E, 18A-B (Dmf) Stedocys gaolingensis
Stedocys huangniuensis Scytodidae 219, f. 3A-E, 18C (Df) Stedocys huangniuensis
Stedocys ludiyanensis Scytodidae 219, f. 4A-F, 5A-C, 6A-C, 21B-C (Dmf) Stedocys ludiyanensis
Stedocys matuoensis Scytodidae 223, f. 7A-E, 18D (Df) Stedocys matuoensis
Stedocys pulianensis Scytodidae 225, f. 8A-F, 9A-C, 21A (Dm) Stedocys pulianensis
Stedocys shilinensis Scytodidae 225, f. 10A-F, 11A-E, 19A-B (Dmf Stedocys shilinensis
Stedocys xiangzhouensis Scytodidae 232, f. 14A-F, 15A-E, 20A-B (Dmf) Stedocys xiangzhouensis
Stedocys xianrenensis Scytodidae 229, f. 12A-F, 13A-E, 19C-D (Dmf) Stedocys xianrenensis
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