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Pickard-Cambridge, O. (1908a). On new and rare British Arachnida. Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Antiquarian Field Club 28(1907): 121-148, pl. A-B. [published on May 9, 1908, after Sykes, 1941] download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acartauchenius scurrilis Linyphiidae 131, 145, pl. B, f. 54-56 (Dm) Araeoncus erratus
Centromerus levitarsis Linyphiidae 128, 140, pl. A, f. 26-31 (Dmf) Tmeticus emptus
Centromerus prudens Linyphiidae 128, 139, pl. A, f. 20-25 (Dm, not f, =Lepthyphantes pallidus) Lephthyphantes patens
Centromerus serratus Linyphiidae 129, 143, pl. B, f. 45-48 (mf) Tmeticus serratus
Centromerus sylvaticus Linyphiidae 143, pl. D, f. 45-48 (Df, not m) Tmeticus serratus
Collinsia inerrans Linyphiidae 128, 142, pl. B, f. 42-44 (m, Df) Tmeticus fortunatus
Diplocephalus protuberans Linyphiidae 130, 144, pl. B, f. 49-50 (m) Diplocephalus protuberans
Hahnia nava Hahniidae 124, pl. A, f. 4-6 (mf) Hahnia nava
Hahnia pusilla Hahniidae 124, pl. A, f. 7-11 (mf) Hahnia pusilla
Lasaeola prona Theridiidae 125, pl. A, f. 13-15 (mf) Lasaeola jucunda
Mastigusa arietina Hahniidae 123, pl. A, f. 1-3 (Df) Cryphoeca recisa
Ostearius melanopygius Linyphiidae 141, pl. A-B, f. 35-41 (Dmf) Tmeticus nigricauda
Ozyptila scabricula Thomisidae 133, 145, pl. B, F. 57-63 (m) Ozyptila scabricula
Palliduphantes pallidus Linyphiidae 139, pl. A, f. 20-25 (Df, not m) Lepthyphantes patens
Parapelecopsis nemoralis Linyphiidae 131, 144, pl. B, f. 51-53 (mf, misidentified) Lophocarenum stramineum
Robertus insignis Theridiidae 127, 138, pl. A, f. 16-19 (Dm) Robertus insignis
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