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Zonstein, S. L. (2017). Notes on Nemesia and Iberesia in the J. Murphy spider collection of the Manchester Museum (Araneae: Nemesiidae). Israel Journal of Entomology 47: 141-158. doi:10.5281/zenodo.1068674 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Nemesia corsica Nemesiidae 143, f. 1-8 (m) Nemesia ?corsica
Nemesia didieri Nemesiidae 154, f. 33 (f [from Tunisia]) Nemesia sp. aff. didieri
Nemesia dubia Nemesiidae 145, f. 9 (f) Nemesia sp. aff. dubia
Nemesia ibiza Nemesiidae 146, f. 10-11 (f) Nemesia ?ibiza
Nemesia santeugenia Nemesiidae 146, f. 14 (f) Nemesia santeugenia
Nemesia santeulalia Nemesiidae 147, f. 15-23 (Dm) Nemesia santeulalia
Nemesia seldeni Nemesiidae 150, f. 24-32 (Dmf [as 'sp. aff.' seldeni from Ibiza]) Nemesia seldeni
Nemesia simoni Nemesiidae 154, f. 34-35 (f) Nemesia simoni
Nemesia uncinata Nemesiidae 155, f. 36-39 (m) Nemesia uncinata
Nemesia valenciae Nemesiidae 155, f. 40-41 (m) Nemesia valenciae
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