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Edwards, G. B. (2017). Revision of Misumessus (Thomisidae: Thomisinae: Misumenini), with observations on crab spider terminology. Journal of Arachnology 45(3): 296-323. doi:10.1636/JoA-S-17-025.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Misumenops bellulus Thomisidae 320, f. 13a-c (mf) Misumenops bellulus
Misumessus bishopae Thomisidae 316, f. 11a-h (Dm) Misumessus bishopae
Misumessus blackwalli Thomisidae 316, f. 12a-f (Dm) Misumessus blackwalli
Misumessus dicaprioi Thomisidae 312, f. 4a-j (Dmf) Misumessus dicaprioi
Misumessus lappi Thomisidae 314, f. 6a-f, 7a-h, 8a-c (Dmf) Misumessus lappi
Misumessus oblongus Thomisidae 304, f. 2a-b, 3a-j, 6g (mf) Misumessus oblongus
Misumessus quinteroi Thomisidae 315, f. 8d-j, 9a-h, 10a-j (Dmf) Misumessus quinteroi
Misumessus tamiami Thomisidae 313, f. 5a-i (Dmf) Misumessus tamiami
Thomisus pallens Thomisidae 319 (nomen oblitum) Thomisus pallens
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