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Jackson, A. R. (1907). On some rare arachnids captured during 1906. Annual Report and Proceedings of the Chester Society of Natural Science, Literature and Art 6(1): 1-8. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Centromerus levitarsis Linyphiidae 4, pl. 1, f. 16-22 (Dmf) Centromerus emptus
Diplocephalus protuberans Linyphiidae 3, pl. 1, f. 10-15 Diplocephalus protuberans
Hahnia pusilla Hahniidae 2, pl. 1, f. 1-4 Hahnia pusilla
Steatoda nobilis Theridiidae 3, pl. 1, f. 5-9 Teutana nobilis
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