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Piacentini, L. N., Scioscia, C. L., Carbajal, M. N., Ott, R., Brescovit, A. D. & Ramírez, M. J. (2017). A revision of the wolf spider genus Diapontia Keyserling, and the relationships of the subfamily Sosippinae (Araneae: Lycosidae). Arthropod Systematics & Phylogeny 75(3): 387-415 & Suppl. 1+2. download pdf


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Diapontia anfibia Lycosidae 400, f. 5C,F,I, 6B,F,G, 9A-H, 10E-F,K-L, 12A (mf, T from Pardosa, S of Lycosa artigasi) Diapontia anfibia
Diapontia arapensis Lycosidae 407 (T from Hippasella) Diapontia arapensis
Diapontia calama Lycosidae 404, f. 14A-E, 16C-D,I-J (Dmf) Diapontia calama
Diapontia chamberlini Lycosidae 408, f. 17A-G, 19A-B,E-F (Dmf) Diapontia chamberlini
Diapontia niveovittata Lycosidae 398, f. 3A-D, 5B,E, 8A-G, 10C-D,I-J, 12B-C (mf) Diapontia niveovittata
Diapontia oxapampa Lycosidae 409, f. 6D,H, 18A-E, 19C-D,G-H (Dmf) Diapontia oxapampa
Diapontia securifera Lycosidae 403, f. 5G-H, 6C, 13A-E, 16A-B,G-H (m, Df, T from Orinocosa) Diapontia securifera
Diapontia songotal Lycosidae 405, f. 15A-I, 16E-F,K-L (Dmf) Diapontia songotal
Diapontia uruguayensis Lycosidae 395, f. 4A-E, 5A,D, 6A,E, 7A-J, 10A-B,G-H, 11D (mf, S of D. albopunctata, D. pourtaleensis, D. senescens and Trochosa/D. infausta) Diapontia uruguayensis
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