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Wang, C. X., Xu, X. & Li, S. Q. (2017). Integrative taxonomy of Leptonetela spiders (Araneae, Leptonetidae), with descriptions of 46 new species. Zoological Research 38(6): 321-448. doi:10.24272/j.issn.2095-8137.2017.076 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Leptonetela chakou Leptonetidae 332, f. 4A-D, 5A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela chakou
Leptonetela changtu Leptonetidae 408, f. 68A-D, 69A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela changtu
Leptonetela chenjia Leptonetidae 340, f. 12A-D, 13A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela chenjia
Leptonetela chuan Leptonetidae 437, f. 88A-D, 89A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela chuan
Leptonetela dabian Leptonetidae 430, f. 86A-D, 87A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela dabian
Leptonetela dao Leptonetidae 335, f. 6A-D, 7A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela dao
Leptonetela dashui Leptonetidae 357, f. 24A-D, 25A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela dashui
Leptonetela encun Leptonetidae 442, f. 94A-D, 95A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela encun
Leptonetela erlong Leptonetidae 430, f. 84A-D, 85A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela erlong
Leptonetela feilong Leptonetidae 374, f. 38A-D, 39A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela feilong
Leptonetela gang Leptonetidae 357, f. 26A-D, 27A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela gang
Leptonetela gigachela Leptonetidae 447 (T from Guineta) Leptonetela gigachela
Leptonetela gubin Leptonetidae 386, f. 48A-D, 49A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela gubin
Leptonetela huoyan Leptonetidae 403, f. 62A-D, 63A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela huoyan
Leptonetela jiahe Leptonetidae 374, f. 40A-D, 41A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela jiahe
Leptonetela kangsa Leptonetidae 391, f. 54A-D, 55A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela kangsa
Leptonetela la Leptonetidae 362, f. 28A-D, 29A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela la
Leptonetela langdong Leptonetidae 352, f. 22A-D, 23A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela langdong
Leptonetela liangfeng Leptonetidae 345, f. 14A-D, 15A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela liangfeng
Leptonetela lianhua Leptonetidae 413, f. 70A-D, 71A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela lianhua
Leptonetela lihu Leptonetidae 437, f. 90A-D, 91A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela lihu
Leptonetela liuguan Leptonetidae 403, f. 64A-D, 65A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela liuguan
Leptonetela liuzhai Leptonetidae 335, f. 8A-D, 9A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela liuzhai
Leptonetela longli Leptonetidae 369, f. 34A-D, 35A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela longli
Leptonetela longyu Leptonetidae 420, f. 74A-D, 75A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela longyu
Leptonetela lujia Leptonetidae 386, f. 50A-D, 51A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela lujia
Leptonetela mayang Leptonetidae 379, f. 46A-D, 47A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela mayang
Leptonetela meiwang Leptonetidae 425, f. 80A-D, 81A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela meiwang
Leptonetela nanmu Leptonetidae 408, f. 66A-D, 67A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela nanmu
Leptonetela niubizi Leptonetidae 413, f. 72A-D, 73A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela niubizi
Leptonetela notabilis Leptonetidae 447 (T from Sinoneta) Leptonetela notabilis
Leptonetela panbao Leptonetidae 369, f. 36A-D, 37A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela panbao
Leptonetela qiangdao Leptonetidae 352, f. 20A-D, 21A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela qiangdao
Leptonetela rudong Leptonetidae 362, f. 30A-D, 31A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela rudong
Leptonetela sanchahe Leptonetidae 447 (T from Sinonta, replacement name, because L. palmata is preoccupied by Leptonetela palmata Lin & Li, 2010c: 60) Leptonetela sanchahe
Leptonetela sanyan Leptonetidae 345, f. 16A-D, 17A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela sanyan
Leptonetela sexdigiti Leptonetidae 447 (T from Sinoneta) Leptonetela sexdigiti
Leptonetela shanji Leptonetidae 396, f. 58A-D, 59A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela shanji
Leptonetela shicheng Leptonetidae 420, f. 76A-D, 77A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela shicheng
Leptonetela shuang Leptonetidae 442, f. 92A-D, 93A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela shuang
Leptonetela shuilian Leptonetidae 340, f. 10A-D, 11A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela shuilian
Leptonetela tawo Leptonetidae 425, f. 82A-D, 83A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela tawo
Leptonetela tiankeng Leptonetidae 379, f. 44A-D, 45A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela tiankeng
Leptonetela tianxinensis Leptonetidae 446 (T from Leptoneta) Leptonetela tianxinensis
Leptonetela wangjia Leptonetidae 352, f. 18A-D, 19A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela wangjia
Leptonetela wenzhu Leptonetidae 369, f. 32A-D, 33A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela wenzhu
Leptonetela wuming Leptonetidae 396, f. 56A-D, 57A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela wuming
Leptonetela xianren Leptonetidae 379, f. 42A-D, 43A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela xianren
Leptonetela xiaoyan Leptonetidae 403, f. 60A-D, 61A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela xiaoyan
Leptonetela xinhua Leptonetidae 391, f. 52A-D, 53A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela xinhua
Leptonetela zakou Leptonetidae 420, f. 78A-D, 79A-C (Dmf) Leptonetela zakou
Leptonetela zhai Leptonetidae 442, f. 96A-C (Df) Leptonetela zhai
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