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Dixit, G. S. & Ade, P. P. (2017). Revision of spiders from the genus Cyclosa (Araneae: Araneidae) with description of three new species and the first record of male of C. conica and C. purnai from India. International Journal of Researches in Biosciences, Agriculture and Technology 5(Special Issue 2): 945-953. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cyclosa bifida Araneidae 946, pl. 1A-I, 9A-H (mf) Cyclosa bifida
Cyclosa hexatuberculata Araneidae 948, pl. 3A-I, 7A-I (mf) Cyclosa hexatuberculata
Cyclosa insulana Araneidae 947, pl. 2A-I (f) Cyclosa insulana
Cyclosa moonduensis Araneidae 950, pl. 5A-I (f) Cyclosa moonduensis
Cyclosa purnai Araneidae 951, pl. 6A-I (f) Cyclosa purnai
Cyclosa spirifera Araneidae 949, pl. 4A-I, 8A-H (mf) Cyclosa spirifera
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