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Simon, E. (1907e). Arachnides recueillis en Egypte et le long gu Nil Blanc par la Mission zoologique suédoise, 1901. In: Results of the Swedish Zoological Expedition to Egypt and the White Nile 1901 under the Direction of L. A. Jägerskiöld. Uppsala 21, 1-10. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Afraflacilla spiniger Salticidae 9 Pseudicius spiniger
Castianeira antinorii Corinnidae 8 Castianeira antinorii
Crossopriza semicaudata Pholcidae 5 Holocnemus semicaudatus
Dysdera lubrica Dysderidae 1 (Df) Dysdera lubrica
Dysdera pharaonis Dysderidae 3 (Dmf) Dysdera pharaonis
Dysdera subnubila Dysderidae 3 (Dmf) Dysdera subnubila
Euryopis campestrata Theridiidae 5 (Dj) Euryopis campestrata
Pararaneus spectator Araneidae 6 (Df) Araneus suedicola pardalis
Philodromus bigibbus Philodromidae 7 Philodromus bigibba
Prodidomus amaranthinus Gnaphosidae 3 Prodidomus letourneuxi
Pterotricha schaefferi Gnaphosidae 4 Pterotricha schaefferi
Rothus aethiopicus Pisauridae 8 (Tmf from Ocyale) Rothus aethiopicus
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