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Hazzi, N. A., Polotow, D., Brescovit, A. D., González-Obando, R. & Simó, M. (2018). Systematics and biogeography of Spinoctenus, a new genus of wandering spider from Colombia (Ctenidae). Invertebrate Systematics 32(1): 111-158. doi:10.1071/IS17022 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Phoneutria boliviensis Ctenidae 112, f. 10D (m) Phoneutria boliviensis
Spinoctenus chocoensis Ctenidae 123, f. 10A-C, 16A-D, 26B, 27B, 28B, 29B (Dmf) Spinoctenus chocoensis
Spinoctenus eberhardi Ctenidae 124, f. 10E-H, 17A-E, 26C, 27C, 28C, 29C, 33C-D (Dmf) Spinoctenus eberhardi
Spinoctenus escalerete Ctenidae 130, f. 11A-D, 14C-E, 18A-E, 26D, 27D, 28D, 29C, 30A, 32A-B, 35A-C (Dmf) Spinoctenus escalerete
Spinoctenus flammigerus Ctenidae 130, f. 19A-E, 26E, 27E, 28E, 32C-D (Dmf) Spinoctenus flammigerus
Spinoctenus florezi Ctenidae 134, f. 11E-H, 20A-E, 26F, 27F, 28F, 29E (Dmf) Spinoctenus florezi
Spinoctenus nambi Ctenidae 138, f. 12A-D, 21A-E, 26G, 27G, 28G, 29F, 32E (Dmf) Spinoctenus nambi
Spinoctenus pericos Ctenidae 139, f. 12E-H, 14A-B,F, 22A-E, 26H, 27H, 28H, 29G, 33E-F (Dmf) Spinoctenus pericos
Spinoctenus spinosus Ctenidae 141, f. 13A-D, 23A-E, 26I, 27I, 28I, 29H, 33A-B (Dmf) Spinoctenus spinosus
Spinoctenus stephaniae Ctenidae 143, f. 13E-H, 24A-E, 26J, 27J, 28J, 29J, 33C-D (Dmf) Spinoctenus stephaniae
Spinoctenus tequendama Ctenidae 149, f. 25A-E, 26K, 27K, 28K, 29K (Dmf) Spinoctenus tequendama
Spinoctenus yotoco Ctenidae 122, f. 6A-D, 7A-D, 8A-D, 9A-D, 15A-E, 26A, 27A, 28A, 29A, 31A-B, 32F (Dmf) Spinoctenus yotoco
Genus Family Page
Spinoctenus Hazzi, Polotow, Brescovit, González-Obando & Simó, 2018 Ctenidae 116