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Yan, F. H. & Lin, Y. C. (2018). A review of the spider genus Singaporemma (Araneae: Tetrablemmidae), with the description of a new species. Zootaxa 4392(2): 329-346. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4392.2.6 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Singaporemma adjacens Tetrablemmidae 331, f. 6H,h, 7A (mf) Singaporemma adjacens
Singaporemma banxiaoense Tetrablemmidae 331, f. 6B,b, 7C (mf) Singaporemma banxiaoensis
Singaporemma bifurcatum Tetrablemmidae 334, f. 1A-H, 2A-E, 6F,f, 8A (mf) Singaporemma bifurcata
Singaporemma halongense Tetrablemmidae 334, f. 6A,a, 7B (mf) Singaporemma halongense
Singaporemma lenachanae Tetrablemmidae 334, f. 6D,d, 9B (mf) Singaporemma lenachanae
Singaporemma singulare Tetrablemmidae 335, f. 6C,c, 9A (mf) Singaporemma singulare
Singaporemma takense Tetrablemmidae 335, f. 3A-H, 4A-E, 5A-D, 6G,g (Dmf) Singaporemma takensis
Singaporemma wulongense Tetrablemmidae 344, f. 6E,e, 7F (mf) Singaporemma wulongensis
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