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Dupérré, N. & Harms, D. (2018). Raising the dead: rediscovery and redescription of some lost spider types (Araneae) described by Eugène Simon. Evolutionary Systematics 2: 1-20. doi:10.3897/evolsyst.2.24122 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Alopecosa michaelseni Lycosidae 17, f. 10A-C (f) [removed from nomen dubium] Lycosa michaelseni
Calacadia radulifera Desidae 12, f. 7A-D (m) Rubrius radulifer
Clitistes velutinus Dictynidae 8, f. 5A-C (f) [removed from nomen dubium] Clitistes velutinus
Gongylidiellum uschuaiense Linyphiidae 4, f. 3A-C (f, removed from S of Neomaso patagonicus, contra Miller, 2007a: 110, probably misplaced in Gongylidiellum) Gongylidiellum uschuaiense
Hahnia michaelseni Hahniidae 14, f. 8A-D (f) Hahnia michaelseni
Intihuatana antarctica Hahniidae 14, f. 9A-F (mf) Bigois antarctica
Minyriolus australis Linyphiidae 4, f. 2A-C (f) [removed from nomen dubium, probably misplaced in the genus] Minyriolus australis
Notolinga fuegiana Linyphiidae 4, f. 4A-C (f) Neriene fuegiana
Zilephus granulosus Linyphiidae 8, f. 6A-C (f) (removed from nomen dubium) Zilephus granulosus
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