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RĂ­os-Tamayo, D. & Goloboff, P. A. (2018). Taxonomic revision and morphology of the trapdoor spider genus Actinopus (Mygalomorphae: Actinopodidae) in Argentina. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History 419: 1-83. doi:10.1206/0003-0090-419.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Actinopus argenteus Actinopodidae 26, f. 10A-I, 11A-D (Dmf) Actinopus argenteus
Actinopus ariasi Actinopodidae 31, f. 12A-G (Dm) Actinopus ariasi
Actinopus balcarce Actinopodidae 73, f. 38A-G (Dm) Actinopus balcarce
Actinopus casuhati Actinopodidae 32, f. 13A-G, 14A-D (Dmf) Actinopus casuhati
Actinopus clavero Actinopodidae 14, f. 4A-H, 5A-D (Dmf) Actinopus clavero
Actinopus cordobensis Actinopodidae 35, f. 15A-G (Dm) Actinopus cordobensis
Actinopus coylei Actinopodidae 36, f. 16A-G, 17A-F (Dmf) Actinopus coylei
Actinopus excavatus Actinopodidae 76, f. 39A-H, 40A-D (Dmf) Actinopus excavatus
Actinopus gerschiapelliarum Actinopodidae 40, f. 18A-H, 19A-E (Dmf) Actinopus gerschiapelliarum
Actinopus goloboffi Actinopodidae 81, f. 41A-G, 42A-D (mf) Actinopus goloboffi
Actinopus indiamuerta Actinopodidae 43, f. 20A-D (Df) Actinopus indiamuerta
Actinopus insignis Actinopodidae 45, f. 21A-G, 22A-F (m, Df) Actinopus insignis
Actinopus longipalpis Actinopodidae 49, f. 23A-I, 24A-D (m, Df) Actinopus longipalpis
Actinopus magnus Actinopodidae 52, f. 25A-G (Dm) Actinopus magnus
Actinopus palmar Actinopodidae 53, f. 26A-G (Dm) Actinopus palmar
Actinopus pampa Actinopodidae 55, f. 27A-J, 28A-E (Dmf) Actinopus pampa
Actinopus patagonia Actinopodidae 59, f. 29A-H, 30A-E (Dmf) Actinopus patagonia
Actinopus puelche Actinopodidae 62, f. 31A-G (Dm) Actinopus puelche
Actinopus ramirezi Actinopodidae 63, f. 32A-G, 33A-E (Dmf) Actinopus ramirezi
Actinopus reycali Actinopodidae 17, f. 6A-G, 7A-E (Dmf) Actinopus reycali
Actinopus septemtrionalis Actinopodidae 21, f. 8A-I, 9A-E (Dmf) Actinopus septemtrionalis
Actinopus szumikae Actinopodidae 66, f. 34A-G, 35A-F (Dmf) Actinopus szumikae
Actinopus taragui Actinopodidae 70, f. 36A-G, 37A-F (Dmf) Actinopus taragui
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