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Giroti, A. M. & Brescovit, A. D. (2018). The taxonomy of the American Ariadna Audouin (Araneae: Synspermiata: Segestriidae). Zootaxa 4400(1): 1-114. [& Erratum: 4438(3): 600] doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4400.1.1 download pdf download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ariadna abrilae Segestriidae 79, f. (f) Ariadna abrilae
Ariadna araucana Segestriidae 84, f. 52A-I, 53A-D (mf) Ariadna araucana
Ariadna arthuri Segestriidae 64, f. 38A-I, 39A-D (mf) Ariadna arthuri
Ariadna aurea Segestriidae 90, f. 56A-I, 57A-D (Dmf) Ariadna aurea
Ariadna bicolor Segestriidae 16, f. 12A-I, 13A-D (mf, S of A. pragmatica) Ariadna bicolor
Ariadna boesenbergi Segestriidae 37, f. 22A-J, 23A-D (mf) Ariadna boesenbergi
Ariadna boliviana Segestriidae 59, f. 3A-F, 4A-G, 7A-G, 8A-F, 10A-G, 36A-J, 37A-D (mf, S of A. dubia, removed from nomen dubium) Ariadna boliviana
Ariadna caerulea Segestriidae 41, f. 24A-I, 25A-D (mf) Ariadna caerulea
Ariadna calilegua Segestriidae 74, f. 45A-I, 46A-D (mf) Ariadna calilegua
Ariadna caparao Segestriidae 101, f. 64A-J, 65A-D (Dmf) Ariadna caparao
Ariadna cephalotes Segestriidae 57, f. 34A-I, 35A-D (Dmf) Ariadna cephalotes
Ariadna changellkuk Segestriidae 77, f. 47A-I, 48A-D (mf) Ariadna changellkuk
Ariadna comata Segestriidae 48, f. 29A-I, 30A-D (Dmf; removed from S of A. pilifera, contra Beatty, 1970: 461) Ariadna comata
Ariadna crassipalpa Segestriidae 29, f. 1C, 18A-I, 19A-D (m, Df) Ariadna crassipalpa
Ariadna gaucha Segestriidae 95, f. 60A-J, 61A-D (Dmf) Ariadna gaucha
Ariadna ipojuca Segestriidae 93, f. 58A-H (Dm) Ariadna ipojuca
Ariadna isthmica Segestriidae 71, f. 43A-J, 44A-D (mf) Ariadna isthmica
Ariadna lalen Segestriidae 98, f. 62A-I, 63A-D (Dmf) Ariadna lalen
Ariadna lemosi Segestriidae 104, f. 66A-G (Dm) Ariadna lemosi
Ariadna levii Segestriidae 81, f. 50A-I, 51A-D (mf) Ariadna levii
Ariadna maxima Segestriidae 20, f. 9A-D, 11A-D, 14A-I, 15A-D (mf, S of A. ashantica and A. pusilla [removed from nomen dubium)] Ariadna maxima
Ariadna mollis Segestriidae 33, f. 1A-B, 20A-I, 21A-D (mf, S of A. spinifera [removed from nomen dubium]) Ariadna mollis
Ariadna multispinosa Segestriidae 67, f. 40A-F (f) Ariadna multispinosa
Ariadna obscura Segestriidae 25, f. 16A-I, 17A-D (mf, S of A. conspersa [removed from nomen dubium] and of A. gracilis) Ariadna obscura
Ariadna perkinsi Segestriidae 51, f. 31A-J (mf) Ariadna perkinsi
Ariadna pilifera Segestriidae 44, f. 27A-I, 28A-D (mf) Ariadna pilifera
Ariadna reginae Segestriidae 87, f. 54A-I, 55A-D (Dmf) Ariadna reginae
Ariadna solitaria Segestriidae 109 (nomen dubium; type is j not f) Ariadna solitaria
Ariadna tarsalis Segestriidae 53, f. 6A-F, 32A-I, 33A-D (mf, S of A. murphyi) Ariadna tarsalis
Ariadna tovarensis Segestriidae 44, f. 26A-F (f) Ariadna tovarensis
Ariadna tubicola Segestriidae 109 (nomen dubium; type is j not f) Ariadna tubicola
Ariadna ubajara Segestriidae 93, f. 59A-G (Dm) Ariadna ubajara
Ariadna weaveri Segestriidae 70, f. 41A-I, 42A-D (mf) Ariadna weaveri
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