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Raven, R. J. & Hebron, W. (2018). A review of the water spider family Pisauridae in Australia and New Caledonia with descriptions of four new genera and 23 new species. Memoirs of the Queensland Museum, Nature 60: 233-381. doi:10.17082/j.2204-1478.60.2018.2017-06 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Bradystichus calligaster Pisauridae 283, f. 1c, 3c, 6a, 71a-c (f) Bradystichus calligaster
Caledomedes flavovittatus Pisauridae 282, f. 4e,g, 5c, 68a-d, 69a-c, 70a-d (mf, T from Anoteropsis, Lycosidae) Caledomedes flavovittatus
Dendrolycosa icadia Pisauridae 284, f. 72a-c, 73a-g (Dmf) Dendrolycosa icadia
Dendrolycosa kakadu Pisauridae 285, f. 5b, 74a-e (Dmf) Dendrolycosa kakadu
Dendrolycosa yuka Pisauridae 286 (distribution corrected) Dendrolycosa yuka
Dolomedes albicomus Pisauridae 245, f. 5g, 7c, 11a, 12a-f (m, Df) Dolomedes albicomus
Dolomedes alexandri Pisauridae 258, f. 30a-c, 31a-c (Dm) Dolomedes alexandri
Dolomedes briangreenei Pisauridae 251, f. 17a-b, 18a-d, 19a-h, 20a-d (Dmf) Dolomedes briangreenei
Dolomedes facetus Pisauridae 243, f. 4c-d, 7a, 8a-d, 9a-b, 10a-i (mf) Dolomedes facetus
Dolomedes flaminius Pisauridae 254, f. 23a-b, 24a-c (m) Dolomedes flaminius
Dolomedes instabilis Pisauridae 247, f. 11b, 13a-c, 14a-f (Dmf, S of D. habilis) Dolomedes instabilis
Dolomedes karijini Pisauridae 257, f. 28a-d, 29a-d (Dmf) Dolomedes karijini
Dolomedes lizturnerae Pisauridae 259, f. 32a-c, 33a-e (Dmf) Dolomedes lizturnerae
Dolomedes mankorlod Pisauridae 257, f. 7b, 27a-d (Dmf) Dolomedes mankorlod
Dolomedes neocaledonicus Pisauridae 261, f. 37a-e (mf) Dolomedes neocaledonicus
Dolomedes pedder Pisauridae 260, f. 34a-c (Dm) Dolomedes pedder
Dolomedes titan Pisauridae 260, f. 35, 36a-e (Dmf) Dolomedes titan
Dolomedes venmani Pisauridae 253, f. 21a-b, 22a-e (Dmf) Dolomedes venmani
Dolomedes vicque Pisauridae 250, f. 1b, 15a-d, 16a-h, 17c (Dmf) Dolomedes vicque
Dolomedes wollemi Pisauridae 256, f. 3a, 25a-b, 26a-g (Dmf) Dolomedes wollemi
Hygropoda lineata Pisauridae 289, f. 4h, 5h, 7e, 77, 78a-b, 79a-c (mf, S of H. exilis) Hygropoda lineata
Inola amicabilis Pisauridae 290, f. 4b, 80a-e, 81a-b, 82a-c (mf) Inola amicabilis
Mangromedes kochi Pisauridae 279, f. 3e, g, 5d, 7d, 64a-d, 65a-e (m, Df, T from Nilus) Mangromedes kochi
Mangromedes porosus Pisauridae 280, f. 66a-g, 67a-e (Dmf) Mangromedes porosus
Megadolomedes australianus Pisauridae 265, f. 40a-d (mf) Megadolomedes australianus
Megadolomedes johndouglasi Pisauridae 268, f. 39d, 43a-d (Dmf) Megadolomedes johndouglasi
Megadolomedes nord Pisauridae 269, f. 42d-e (Df) Megadolomedes nord
Megadolomedes trux Pisauridae 266, f. 1a, 3b,d, 39a-c, 41a-c, 42a-c (mf, removed from S of M. australianus) Megadolomedes trux
Ornodolomedes benrevelli Pisauridae 270, f. 44a-c, 45, 46a-d, 47a-c (Dmf) Ornodolomedes benrevelli
Ornodolomedes gorenpul Pisauridae 271, f. 5e, 48a-b, 49a-d (Dmf) Ornodolomedes gorenpul
Ornodolomedes marshi Pisauridae 278, f. 61a-c, 62a-d (Dm) Ornodolomedes marshi
Ornodolomedes mickfanningi Pisauridae 273, f. 3f, h, 5f, 7f, 50a-d, 51a-d, 52a-d (Dmf) Ornodolomedes mickfanningi
Ornodolomedes nebulosus Pisauridae 274, f. 2, 53a-e, 61d-e, 63a-c (Dmf) Ornodolomedes nebulosus
Ornodolomedes nicholsoni Pisauridae 276, f. 58a-d, 59a-f, 63j-l (Dmf) Ornodolomedes nicholsoni
Ornodolomedes southcotti Pisauridae 276, f. 56a-d, 57a-b (Dm) Ornodolomedes southcotti
Ornodolomedes staricki Pisauridae 275, f. 55a-d, 63g-i (Dm) Ornodolomedes staricki
Ornodolomedes xypee Pisauridae 277, f. 60a-c (Df) Ornodolomedes xypee
Ornodolomedes yalangi Pisauridae 275, f. 54a-g, 63d-f (Dmf) Ornodolomedes yalangi
Perenethis venusta Pisauridae 287, f. 4f, 5a, 75a-c, 76a-d (mf, S of Dolomedes stilatus and Perenethis kawangisa) Perenethis venusta
Tasmomedes eberhardarum Pisauridae 263, f. 4a, 38a-I (m, Df, T from Dolomedes) Tasmomedes eberhardarum
Genus Family Page
Caledomedes Raven & Hebron, 2018 Pisauridae 281
Mangromedes Raven, 2018 Pisauridae 278
Ornodolomedes Raven & Hebron, 2018 Pisauridae 269
Tasmomedes Raven, 2018 Pisauridae 262