Included taxa

Breitling, R. (2018). Eric Duffey's spider collection in the Manchester Museum – an update. Newsletter of the British Arachnological Society 141: 5-9. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Ajmonia gratiosa Dictynidae 9, f. 2D (m) Nigma gratiosa
Celerrimus duffeyi Philodromidae 6, f. 2K (m) Philodromus sp.
Centromerus isaiai Linyphiidae 9, f. 2N (f) Centromerus isaiai
Cheiracanthium striolatum Cheiracanthiidae 9, f. 2F (m) Cheiracanthium striolatum
Heriaeus simoni Thomisidae 9, f. 2M (m) Heriaeus simoni
Larinioides suspicax Araneidae 9, f. 2G (f) Larinioides suspicax
Leptoneta paroculus Leptonetidae 9, f. 2H (m) Leptoneta paroculus
Malthonica lusitanica Agelenidae 9, f. 2L (f) Malthonica lusitanica
Marilynia bicolor Dictynidae 9, f. 2R (m) Marilynia bicolor
Micaria dives Gnaphosidae 9, f. 2S (f) Micaria dives
Pardosa albatula Lycosidae 9, f. 2A (m) Pardosa albatula
Phrurolithus szilyi Phrurolithidae 9, f. 2I (m) Phrurolithus szilyi
Sernokorba tescorum Gnaphosidae 9, f. 2C (m) Sernokorba tescorum
Silometopus curtus Linyphiidae 9, f. 2O (f) Silometopus curtus
Theridion betteni Theridiidae 9, f. 2B (f) Theridion betteni
Xysticus ibex Thomisidae 9, f. 2P (m) Xysticus ibex
Xysticus macedonicus Thomisidae 9, f. 2E (m) Xysticus macedonicus
Xysticus nubilus Thomisidae 9, f. 2Q (m) Xysticus nubilus
Zelotes fulvopilosus Gnaphosidae 9, f. 2J (f) Zelotes fulvopilosus
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