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Martins, P. H. & Santos, A. J. (2018). Morphology and taxonomy of the orb-weaving spider genus Mecynogea, and a peculiar species of Argiope (Araneae, Araneidae). Zootaxa 4415(3): 423-451. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4415.3.2 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Argiope carvalhoi Araneidae 443, f. 20A-B, 21A-F (f, T from Manogea, removed from S of Manogea porracea, contra Levi, 1997: 234) Argiope carvalhoi
Cyrtophora citricola Araneidae 451, f. 15E-F (m) Cyrtophora citricola
Kapogea sellata Araneidae 451, f. 15C-D (m) Kapogea sellata
Manogea porracea Araneidae 451, f. 15A-B (m) Manogea porracea
Mecynogea buique Araneidae 433, f. 9A-D, 10A-B, 11A-C, 12A-D, 13A-D, 14B (Dmf) Mecynogea buique
Mecynogea infelix Araneidae 424, f. 1A-D, 2A-C, 3A-B, 4A-E, 5A-D, 6A-H, 7A-F, 8A-D, 14A (mf, removed from S of M. bigibba, contra Levi, 1997: 222; S of M. chavona) Mecynogea infelix
Mecynogea lemniscata Araneidae 440, f. 14C-D (m) Mecynogea lemniscata
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