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Rix, M. G., Huey, J. A., Cooper, S. J. B., Austin, A. D. & Harvey, M. S. (2018b). Conservation systematics of the shield-backed trapdoor spiders of the nigrum-group (Mygalomorphae, Idiopidae, Idiosoma): integrative taxonomy reveals a diverse and threatened fauna from south-western Australia. ZooKeys 756: 1-121 & Suppl. (Atlas of male morphology: shield-backed trapdoor spiders (Idiosoma nigrum-group)). doi:10.3897/zookeys.756.24397 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Idiosoma arenaceum Idiopidae 23, f. 11-12, 57-78 (Dmf) Idiosoma arenaceum
Idiosoma clypeatum Idiopidae 25, f. 79-100 (Dmf) Idiosoma clypeatum
Idiosoma corrugatum Idiopidae 30, f. 101-122 (Dmf) Idiosoma corrugatum
Idiosoma dandaragan Idiopidae 32, f. 132-144 (Dmf) Idiosoma dandaragan
Idiosoma formosum Idiopidae 35, f. 145-166 (Dmf) Idiosoma formosum
Idiosoma gardneri Idiopidae 38, f. 167-179 (Dm) Idiosoma gardneri
Idiosoma gutharuka Idiopidae 39, f. 180-192 (Dm) Idiosoma gutharuka
Idiosoma incomptum Idiopidae 41, f. 193-205 (Dm) Idiosoma incomptum
Idiosoma intermedium Idiopidae 43, f. 206-227 (Dmf) Idiosoma intermedium
Idiosoma jarrah Idiopidae 46, f. 7, 228-249 (Dmf) Idiosoma jarrah
Idiosoma kopejtkaorum Idiopidae 50, f. 9, 250-271 (Dmf) Idiosoma kopejtkaorum
Idiosoma kwongan Idiopidae 53, f. 272-284 (Dm) Idiosoma kwongan
Idiosoma mcclementsorum Idiopidae 55, f. 8, 285-306 (Dmf) Idiosoma mcclementsorum
Idiosoma mcnamarai Idiopidae 57, f. 307-328 (Dmf) Idiosoma mcnamarai
Idiosoma nigrum Idiopidae 18, f. 1-3, 26-56 (mf) Idiosoma nigrum
Idiosoma schoknechtorum Idiopidae 60, f. 10, 329-350 (Dmf) Idiosoma schoknechtorum
Idiosoma sigillatum Idiopidae 64, f. 4-6, 351-372 (mf) Idiosoma sigillatum
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