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Sánchez-Ruiz, A. & Brescovit, A. D. (2018). A revision of the Neotropical spider genus Nops MacLeay (Araneae: Caponiidae) with the first phylogenetic hypothesis for the Nopinae genera. Zootaxa 4427(1): 1-121. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4427.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Nops agnarssoni Caponiidae 21, f. 5C, 8A-D, 9A-F (m) Nops agnarssoni
Nops alexenriquei Caponiidae 69, f. 44A-F, 45A-L (Dmf) Nops alexenriquei
Nops amazonas Caponiidae 72, f. 2J-L, 46A-G, 47A-I (Dmf) Nops amazonas
Nops anisitsi Caponiidae 108 (species inquirenda, type immature) Nops anisitsi
Nops bahia Caponiidae 75, f. 48A-F, 49A-F (Dmf) Nops bahia
Nops bellulus Caponiidae 108 (species inquirenda, type immature) Nops bellulus
Nops blandus Caponiidae 22, f. 9G-L, 10A-G (mf, S of Nops virginicus) Nops blandus
Nops branicki Caponiidae 112 (species inquirenda, type probably immature) Nops branicki
Nops campeche Caponiidae 58, f. 34A-G, 35A-L (Dmf) Nops campeche
Nops coccineus Caponiidae 25, f. 11A-F (f) Nops coccineus
Nops enae Caponiidae 27, f. 6B,F,I, 7D-F, 12A-F, 13A-G (mf) Nops enae
Nops ernestoi Caponiidae 28, f. 13H-L, 14A-F (mf) Nops ernestoi
Nops farhati Caponiidae 78, f. 50A-J (m, S of Nops proseni) Nops farhati
Nops finisfurvus Caponiidae 31, f. 4B, 15A-G, 16A-F (mf) Nops finisfurvus
Nops flutillus Caponiidae 32, f. 16G-L, 17A-F (mf) Nops flutillus
Nops gertschi Caponiidae 32, f. 7C, 18A-F (m, Df) Nops gertschi
Nops glaucus Caponiidae 112 (species inquirenda, type probably immature) Nops glaucus
Nops guanabacoae Caponiidae 37, f. 1A-E, 2A-I, 3A-B, 4A,C, 5A-B,D, 6A,E, 7A, 20A-J, 21A-L, 22A-L, 23A-L (mf) Nops guanabacoae
Nops hispaniola Caponiidae 43, f. 24A-F (mf) Nops hispaniola
Nops ipojuca Caponiidae 79, f. 6K, 49G-L, 51A-G (Dmf) Nops ipojuca
Nops itapetinga Caponiidae 81, f. 6C,G, 53A-G, 54A-L (Dmf) Nops itapetinga
Nops jaragua Caponiidae 45, f. 26A-F, 27A-I (Dmf) Nops jaragua
Nops largus Caponiidae 58, f. 7B, 37A-L, 38A-L, 39A-L, 40A-E (mf) Nops largus
Nops maculatus Caponiidae 85, f. 6D,H,J, 56A-G, 57A-F (mf, S of Nops craneae) Nops maculatus
Nops mathani Caponiidae 87, f. 58A-F (f) Nops mathani
Nops meridionalis Caponiidae 89, f. 58A-G, 60A-L, 61A-L, 62A-L, 63A-F (m, Df) Nops meridionalis
Nops minas Caponiidae 94, f. 63G-L, 64A-G (Dmf) Nops minas
Nops navassa Caponiidae 47, f. 27J-L, 28A-F (Dmf) Nops navassa
Nops nitidus Caponiidae 99, f. 66A-K (f) Nops nitidus
Nops pallidus Caponiidae 48, f. 29A-F, 30A-D (Dm) Nops pallidus
Nops pocone Caponiidae 99, f. 67A-G, 68A-L (Dmf) Nops pocone
Nops quito Caponiidae 102, f. 6K, 70A-G, 71A-F (mf) Nops quito
Nops siboney Caponiidae 49, f. 30E-L, 31A-F (mf) Nops siboney
Nops sublaevis Caponiidae 105, f. 72A-G, 73A-L (mf) Nops sublaevis
Nops tico Caponiidae 61, f. 40F-L, 41A-F (Dmf) Nops tico
Nops toballus Caponiidae 53, f. 32A-F, 33A-K (mf) Nops toballus
Nops ursumus Caponiidae 64, f. 42A-F, 43A-L (mf) Nops ursumus
Nops variabilis Caponiidae 107, f. 71G-L, 74A-F (mf) Nops variabilis
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