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Marusik, Y. M. & Larsen, N. (2018). A synopsis of African Metellina (Aranei, Tetragnathidae, Metainae) with description of a new species from South Africa. Vestnik Zoologii 52(3): 205-216. doi:10.2478/vzoo-2018-0021 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Meta meruensis Tetragnathidae 211 (misplaced in Meta and may belong to Leucauge) "Meta" meruensis
Metellina barreti Tetragnathidae 209 (T from Meta) Metellina barreti
Metellina gertschi Tetragnathidae 209 (T from Meta) Metellina gertschi
Metellina haddadi Tetragnathidae 212, f. 1-34 (Dmf) Metellina haddadi
Metellina longipalpis Tetragnathidae 209 (T from Meta) Metellina longipalpis
Metellina merianopsis Tetragnathidae 210 (T from Meta) Metellina merianopsis
Metellina minima Tetragnathidae 211 (T from Meta) Metellina minima
Metellina villiersi Tetragnathidae 212 (T from Meta) Metellina villiersi
Tetragnatha maculata Tetragnathidae 210 (T from Meta) Tetragnatha maculata
Tetragnatha vacillans Tetragnathidae 212 (T from Meta) Tetragnatha vacillans
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