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Bosmans, R., Kherbouche-Abrous, O., Benhalima, S. & Hervé, C. (2018). The genus Haplodrassus Chamberlin, 1922 in the Mediterranean and the Maghreb in particular (Araneae: Gnaphosidae). Zootaxa 4451(1): 1-67. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4451.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Drassodes severus Gnaphosidae 36 (T from Haplodrassus, nomen dubium) Drassodes severus
Haplodrassus bohemicus Gnaphosidae 50, f. 198-204 (mf) Haplodrassus bohemicus
Haplodrassus concertor Gnaphosidae 50, f. 205-213 (mf) Haplodrassus concertor
Haplodrassus crassipes Gnaphosidae 8, f. 1-9, 18-23 (mf, T from Drassodes) Haplodrassus crassipes
Haplodrassus creticus Gnaphosidae 53, f. 214-222 (mf) Haplodrassus creticus
Haplodrassus dalmatensis Gnaphosidae 12, f. 10-17, 24-29 (mf) Haplodrassus dalmatensis
Haplodrassus dentifer Gnaphosidae 15, f. 30-40, 49-53 (Dmf) Haplodrassus dentifer
Haplodrassus invalidus Gnaphosidae 54, f. 223-231 (mf) Haplodrassus invalidus
Haplodrassus longivulva Gnaphosidae 17, f. 41-48, 54-57 (Dmf) Haplodrassus longivulva
Haplodrassus lyndae Gnaphosidae 17, f. 58-66, 77-82 (Dmf) Haplodrassus lyndae
Haplodrassus macellinus Gnaphosidae 54, f. 232-240 (mf, S of H. macellinus hebes and H. vignai) Haplodrassus macellinus
Haplodrassus mediterraneus Gnaphosidae 59, f. 241-251 (mf) Haplodrassus mediterraneus
Haplodrassus minor Gnaphosidae 61, f. 252-256 (m) Haplodrassus minor
Haplodrassus nigroscriptus Gnaphosidae 22, f. 67-76, 83-86 (mf, T from Drassodes, S of Drassodes nigroscriptus deminutus) Haplodrassus nigroscriptus
Haplodrassus omissus Gnaphosidae 25, f. 87-97, 108-112 (mf, removed from S of H. morosus, contra Levy, 2004: 26, S of Haplodrassus acrotirius, H. maroccanus, H. parvicorpus [= Drassus parvulus] and H. seditiosus) Haplodrassus omissus
Haplodrassus orientalis Gnaphosidae 61, f. 262-270 (f, T from Drassodes, S of Haplodrassus isaevi) Haplodrassus orientalis
Haplodrassus ovatus Gnaphosidae 29, f. 98-107, 113-117 (Dmf) Haplodrassus ovatus
Haplodrassus ponomarevi Gnaphosidae 61, f. 257-261 (m) Haplodrassus ponomarevi
Haplodrassus rhodanicus Gnaphosidae 29, f. 118-125, 136-139 (m, Df, T from Drassodes) Haplodrassus rhodanicus
Haplodrassus rufipes Gnaphosidae 33, f. 126-135, 140-144 (mf, T from Drassodes, S of Drassodes corticalis, D. similis (removed from S of H. severus) and of Haplodrassus gridellii (removed from S of H. pugnans, contra Levy, 2004 : 20)) Haplodrassus rufipes
Haplodrassus securifer Gnaphosidae 39, f. 145-153, 162-166 (Dmf) Haplodrassus securifer
Haplodrassus signifer Gnaphosidae 42, f. 154-161, 167-171 (mf) Haplodrassus signifer
Haplodrassus spinicrus Gnaphosidae 44 (T from Drassodes, nomen dubium) Haplodrassus spinicrus
Haplodrassus triangularis Gnaphosidae 44, f. 172-180, 190-193 (Dmf) Haplodrassus triangularis
Haplodrassus typhon Gnaphosidae 49, f. 181-189, 194-197 (mf, T from Drassus/Drassodes, removed from S of H. macellinus, contra Simon, 1914: 209) Haplodrassus typhon
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