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Passanha, V. & Brescovit, A. D. (2018). On the Neotropical spider subfamily Masteriinae (Araneae, Dipluridae). Zootaxa 4463(1): 1-73. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4463.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Masteria aguaruna Dipluridae 34, f. 1D, 17C-D, 19A-F, 30D (Dmf) Masteria aguaruna
Masteria aimeae Dipluridae 36, f. 20A-D (m, Df) Masteria aimeae
Masteria amarumayu Dipluridae 29, f. 4D, 16A-F, 17A-B, 30B (Dmf) Masteria amarumayu
Masteria barona Dipluridae 17, f. 2A,C, 3A, 6B, 9A-G, 29B (mf) Masteria barona
Masteria colombiensis Dipluridae 24, f. 13A-F, 29E (mf) Masteria colombiensis
Masteria downeyi Dipluridae 25, f. 4A, 14A-F, 29F (mf) Masteria downeyi
Masteria galipote Dipluridae 50, f. 1B, 28A-F, 31D (Dmf) Masteria galipote
Masteria golovatchi Dipluridae 38, f. 1A, 21A-E (m, Df) Masteria golovatchi
Masteria hirsuta Dipluridae 13, f. 3B, 6A, 7A-B (mf) Masteria hirsuta
Masteria lewisi Dipluridae 27, f. 15A-E, 30A (mf) Masteria lewisi
Masteria lucifuga Dipluridae 21, f. 11A-E (f, S of Masteria cyclops and M. tovarensis) Masteria lucifuga
Masteria manauara Dipluridae 42, f. 23A-F, 30F (mf) Masteria manauara
Masteria modesta Dipluridae 9 (species inquirenda) Masteria modesta
Masteria mutum Dipluridae 32, f. 18A-F, 30C (Dmf) Masteria mutum
Masteria pecki Dipluridae 43, f. 24A-D (f) Masteria pecki
Masteria petrunkevitchi Dipluridae 15, f. 1A, 5A, 8A-E, 29A (mf) Masteria petrunkevitchi
Masteria sabrinae Dipluridae 48, f. 1E, 3D, 27A-F, 31C (Dmf) Masteria sabrinae
Masteria simla Dipluridae 46, f. 26A-E, 31B (mf) Masteria simla
Masteria soucouyant Dipluridae 19, f. 5B, 10A-F, 29C (Dmf) Masteria soucouyant
Masteria spinosa Dipluridae 44, f. 4B, 25A-F, 31A (mf) Masteria spinosa
Masteria tayrona Dipluridae 40, f. 3C, 4C, 22A-F, 30E (Dmf) Masteria tayrona
Masteria yacambu Dipluridae 23, f. 12A-F, 29D (Dmf) Masteria yacambu
Siremata juruti Dipluridae 66, f. 40B,D, 43A-F (Dmf) Siremata juruti
Siremata lucasae Dipluridae 68, f. 41B,D, 44A-E (Dmf) Siremata lucasae
Siremata valteri Dipluridae 63, f. 2D, 40A,C, 41A,C, 42A-E (Dmf) Siremata valteri
Striamea gertschi Dipluridae 57, f. 2B, 34B, 35A-D, 36A-D, 37A-G (mf) Striamea gertschi
Striamea magna Dipluridae 61, f. 34A, 38A-B (f) Striamea magna
Tonton emboaba Microstigmatidae 9 (misplaced in Masteria and Masteriinae, belongs to Micromygalinae) Masteria emboaba
Genus Family Page
Siremata Passanha & Brescovit, 2018 Dipluridae 62