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Růžička, V. (2018). A review of the spider genus Porrhomma (Araneae, Linyphiidae). Zootaxa 4481(1): 1-75. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4481.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Macrargus multesimus Linyphiidae 66 (S of Porrhomma macrochelis confirmed) Macrargus multesimus
Porrhomma altaicum Linyphiidae 11, f. 6A-F, 7 (Dmf) Porrhomma altaica
Porrhomma boreale Linyphiidae 14, f. 9A-F (mf) Porrhomma boreale
Porrhomma borgesi Linyphiidae 16, f. 11A-F (mf) Porrhomma borgesi
Porrhomma cambridgei Linyphiidae 16, f. 1, 13A-F (mf) Porrhomma cambridgei
Porrhomma campbelli Linyphiidae 20, f. 15A-F (mf) Porrhomma campbelli
Porrhomma cavernicola Linyphiidae 22, f. 17A-F (mf) Porrhomma cavernicola
Porrhomma convexum Linyphiidae 24, f. 19A-F (mf, S of Bathyphantes charpentieri (removed from S of P. microphthalmum, contra Roewer 1942a: 600), Porrhomma ocella and P. sodonta) Porrhomma convexum
Porrhomma egeria Linyphiidae 27, f. 21A-F (mf, S of Porrhomma omissum) Porrhomma egeria
Porrhomma errans Linyphiidae 29, f. 23A-F (mf) Porrhomma errans
Porrhomma indecorum Linyphiidae 65 (species inquirenda and nomen dubium) Porrhomma indecorum
Porrhomma longjiangense Linyphiidae 31, f. 25A-F (mf) Porrhomma longjiangense
Porrhomma magnum Linyphiidae 33, f. 27A-F (mf) Porrhomma magnum
Porrhomma marphaense Linyphiidae 65 (species inquirenda and nomen dubium) Porrhomma marphaense
Porrhomma microcavense Linyphiidae 35, f. 5B, 29A-F (mf) Porrhomma microcavense
Porrhomma microphthalmum Linyphiidae 37, f. 3A-B, 31A-F, 33A (mf, S of Bathyphantes charpentieri rejected, see P. convexum) Porrhomma microphthalmum
Porrhomma microps Linyphiidae 39, f. 4, 5C, 33C, 34A-F (mf) Porrhomma microps
Porrhomma montanum Linyphiidae 43, f. 36A-F (mf) Porrhomma montanum
Porrhomma nekolai Linyphiidae 43, f. 38A-F, 39 (Dmf) Porrhomma nekolai
Porrhomma oblitum Linyphiidae 48, f. 41A-F (mf) Porrhomma oblitum
Porrhomma ohkawai Linyphiidae 48, f. 43A-E (mf) Porrhomma ohkawai
Porrhomma pallidum Linyphiidae 50, f. 45A-F (mf, S of Porrhomma pallidum affinis) Porrhomma pallidum
Porrhomma profundum Linyphiidae 52, f. 33B, 47A-F (mf) Porrhomma profundum
Porrhomma pygmaeum Linyphiidae 56, f. 2A-B, 5A, 49A-F (mf) Porrhomma pygmaeum
Porrhomma rakanum Linyphiidae 58, f. 51A-E (mf) Porrhomma rakanum
Porrhomma rosenhaueri Linyphiidae 58, f. 53A-F (mf, S of Porrhomma myops) Porrhomma rosenhaueri
Porrhomma subterraneum Linyphiidae 66 (removed from S of Porrhomma rosenhaueri, species inquirenda and nomen dubium) Porrhomma subterraneum
Porrhomma terrestre Linyphiidae 63, f. 55A-F (mf, S of Porrhomma gertschi) Porrhomma terrestre
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