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Ballarin, F., Pantini, P. & Gobbi, M. (2018). Elevation to species level and redescription of Xysticus alpinus KulczyƄski, 1887 stat. n. (Araneae, Thomisidae). Zootaxa 4500(2): 271-280. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4500.2.7 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Xysticus alpinus Thomisidae 272, f. 1-5, 10-11, 14-17 (mf, elevated to species rank from subspecies of X. lanio) Xysticus alpinus
Xysticus lanio Thomisidae 273, f. 6-9, 12-13, 18-21 (mf) Xysticus lanio
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