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Jiang, T. Y., Zhao, Q. Y. & Li, S. Q. (2018). Sixteen new species of the genus Pseudopoda J├Ąger, 2000 from China, Myanmar,and Thailand (Sparassidae, Heteropodinae). ZooKeys 791: 107-161. doi:10.3897/zookeys.791.28137 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Pseudopoda chayuensis Sparassidae 109, f. 1A-C, 2A-D (Dm) Pseudopoda chayuensis
Pseudopoda colubrina Sparassidae 112, f. 3A-C, 4A-D, 5A-D (Dmf) Pseudopoda colubrina
Pseudopoda conaensis Sparassidae 116, f. 6A-C, 7A-D (Dm) Pseudopoda conaensis
Pseudopoda daxing Sparassidae 119, f. 8A-C, 9A-D (Dm) Pseudopoda daxing
Pseudopoda gexiao Sparassidae 122, f. 10A-C, 11A-D (Dm) Pseudopoda gexiao
Pseudopoda maeklongensis Sparassidae 125, f. 12A-C, 13A-D (Dm) Pseudopoda maeklongensis
Pseudopoda medogensis Sparassidae 127, f. 14A-C, 15A-D (Dm) Pseudopoda medogensis
Pseudopoda nyingchiensis Sparassidae 130, f. 16A-C, 17A-D (Dm) Pseudopoda nyingchiensis
Pseudopoda putaoensis Sparassidae 133, f. 18A-C, 19A-D (Dm) Pseudopoda putaoensis
Pseudopoda shacunensis Sparassidae 134, f. 20A-C, 21A-D (Dm) Pseudopoda shacunensis
Pseudopoda shuo Sparassidae 138, f. 22A-C, 23A-D, 24A-D (Dmf) Pseudopoda shuo
Pseudopoda subbirmanica Sparassidae 142, f. 25A-C, 26A-D, 27A-D (Dmf) Pseudopoda subbirmanica
Pseudopoda titan Sparassidae 147, f. 28A-C, 29A-D, 30A-D (Dmf) Pseudopoda titan
Pseudopoda xia Sparassidae 151, f. 31A-C, 32A-D (Dm) Pseudopoda xia
Pseudopoda yuanjiangensis Sparassidae 154, f. 33A-D (Df) Pseudopoda yuanjiangensis
Pseudopoda zixiensis Sparassidae 156, f. 34A-D, 35A-D, 36A-D (Dmf) Pseudopoda zixiensis
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