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Hill, D. E. & Otto, J. C. (2015). Exasperating taxonomy of the colourful ant-mimic Myrmarachne exasperans (Araneae: Salticidae: Astioida: Myrmarachinae). Peckhamia 131.1: 1-5. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Emertonius exasperans Salticidae 1, f. 1.1-4 (mf habitus) Myrmarachne exasperans
Myrmaplata plataleoides Salticidae 3, f. 2.1 (m habitus) Myrmarachne plataleoides
Myrmarachne cornuta Salticidae 3, f. 2.4 (m habitus) Myrmarachne cornuta
Myrmarachne smaragdina Salticidae 3, f. 2.3 (m habitus) Myrmarachne smaragdina
Toxeus maxillosus Salticidae 3, f. 2.3 (m habitus) Myrmarachne maxillosa
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