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Valencia-Cuéllar, D., Perafán, C., Guerrero, R. J. & Guadanucci, J. P. L. (2019). Schismatothelinae spiders (Araneae, Mygalomorphae, Theraphosidae) from Colombia: four new species and an approach to their diversity. Zootaxa 4545(4): 548-562. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4545.4.6 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Euthycaelus guane Theraphosidae 552, f. 1-8 (Dm) Euthycaelus guane
Schismatothele hacaritama Theraphosidae 554, f. 9-16 (Dm) Schismatothele hacaritama
Schismatothele olsoni Theraphosidae 556, f. 17-24 (Dm) Schismatothele olsoni
Schismatothele weinmanni Theraphosidae 557, f. 25-34, 35a-d (Dmf) Schismatothele weinmanni
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