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Ponomarev, A. V., Shokhin, I. V., Terskov, E. N. & Shmatko, V. Y. (2018b). Preliminary data on the fauna of spiders (Aranei) of Taman Peninsula and Tuzla Island (Russia). Caucasian Entomological Bulletin 14(2): 121-129. download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Harpactea alexandrae Dysderidae 122, f. 3-4 (m) Harpactea alexandrae
Nurscia albomaculata Titanoecidae 128, f. 11-13 (m) Nurscia albomaculata
Pulchellodromus medius Philodromidae 126, f. 7 (f) Pulchellodromus medius
Tegenaria hasperi Agelenidae 122, f. 1-2 (m) Tegenaria hasperi
Thanatus mongolicus Philodromidae 126, f. 8-10 (mf) Thanatus mongolicus
Zelotes eugenei Gnaphosidae 124, f. 5-6 (m) Zelotes eugenei
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