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Milano, F., Mammola, S., Rollard, C., Leccia, M.-F. & Isaia, M. (2019). An inventory of the spider species of Barcelonnette (France), with taxonomic notes on Piniphantes agnellus n. comb. (Araneae, Linyphiidae). Zoosystema 41(4): 29-58. doi:10.5252/zoosystema2019v41a4 download pdf


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Piniphantes agnellus Linyphiidae 39, f. 6A-B, 7A-D, 8A-C (Dm, f, T from Lepthyphantes) Piniphantes agnellus
Urozelotes trifidus Gnaphosidae 37, f. 5A-D (mf) Urozelotes trifidus
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