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Perafán, C., Galvis, W. & Pérez-Miles, F. (2019). The first Paratropididae (Araneae, Mygalomorphae) from Colombia: new genus, species and records. ZooKeys 830: 1-31. doi:10.3897/zookeys.830.31433 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Anisaspis camarita Paratropididae 7, f. 1A-F (Dm) Anisaspis camarita
Paratropis elicioi Paratropididae 8, f. 2A-H (mf) Paratropis elicioi
Paratropis florezi Paratropididae 11, f. 3A-D (Df) Paratropis florezi
Paratropis papilligera Paratropididae 14, f. 4A-G (m) Paratropis papilligera
Stormtropis colima Paratropididae 17, f. 5A-G (Dm) Stormtropis colima
Stormtropis muisca Paratropididae 19, f. 6A-G (Dm) Stormtropis muisca
Stormtropis paisa Paratropididae 21, f. 7A-G, 8A-D (Dmf) Stormtropis paisa
Stormtropis parvum Paratropididae 25, f. 9A-G (Dm) Stormtropis parvum
Genus Family Page
Stormtropis Perafán, Galvis & Pérez-Miles, 2019 Paratropididae 16