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Lin, S. W., Lopardo, L., Haase, M. & Uhl, G. (2019a). Taxonomic revision of the dwarf spider genus Shaanxinus Tanasevitch, 2006 (Araneae, Linyphiidae, Erigoninae), with new species from Taiwan and Vietnam. Organisms Diversity & Evolution 19(2): 211-276. doi:10.1007/s13127-018-00389-6 download pdf


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Shaanxinus atayal Linyphiidae 251, f. 35a-h, 36a-h (Dmf) Shaanxinus atayal
Shaanxinus curviductus Linyphiidae 240, f. 1a-e, 3a-g, 4a-f [wrong text], 25a-h, 26a-h (Dmf) Shaanxinus curviductus
Shaanxinus hehuanensis Linyphiidae 244, f. 2b, 29a-h, 30a-h (Dmf) Shaanxinus hehuanensis
Shaanxinus hirticephalus Linyphiidae 233, f. 17a-h, 18a-h (Dmf) Shaanxinus hirticephalus
Shaanxinus lixiangae Linyphiidae 238, f. 23a-h, 24a-h (Dmf) Shaanxinus lixiangae
Shaanxinus magniclypeus Linyphiidae 223, f. 2a, 8a-h, 9a-h, 10a-h, 11a-h (Dmf) Shaanxinus magniclypeus
Shaanxinus makauyensis Linyphiidae 236, f. 21a-h, 22a-h (Dmf) Shaanxinus makauyensis
Shaanxinus meifengensis Linyphiidae 249, f. 33a-h, 34a-h (Dmf) Shaanxinus meifengensis
Shaanxinus mingchihensis Linyphiidae 235, f. 5d-f, 19a-h, 20a-h (Dmf) Shaanxinus mingchihensis
Shaanxinus rufus Linyphiidae 221, f. 5a-c, 7a-c (m) Shaanxinus rufus
Shaanxinus seediq Linyphiidae 247, f. 31a-h, 32a-h (Dmf) Shaanxinus seediq
Shaanxinus shihchoensis Linyphiidae 229, f. 13a-h, 14a-h (Dmf) Shaanxinus shihchoensis
Shaanxinus shoukaensis Linyphiidae 230, f. 15a-h, 16a-h (Dmf) Shaanxinus shoukaensis
Shaanxinus tamdaoensis Linyphiidae 253, f. 5g-i, 6, 37a-e, 38a-d (Dm) Shaanxinus tamdaoensis
Shaanxinus tsou Linyphiidae 242, f. 27a-h, 28a-h (Dmf) Shaanxinus tsou
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