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Talwar, S., Majagi, S., Bodkhe, A. & Kamble, S. (2018). New report of genus Euryeidon Dankittipakul & Jocque 2004 from India (Araneae: Zodariidae) with description of two new species. In: Rao, P. N., Saxena, A., Pandey, B. N. & Kulkarni, G. K. (eds.) Biodiversity and bioprospects: Indian scenario and perspectives. Today & Tomorrow's Printers and Publishers, New Delhi, pp. 67-79. download pdf


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Euryeidon jatashankarae Zodariidae 72, f. 5.1-7, 6.1-8 (Df; in f. partly jatashankara) Euryeidon jatashankarae
Euryeidon katapagai Zodariidae 69, f. 1.1-10, 2.1-6, 3.1-7, 4.8-11 (Dmf; in f. partly katapagae) Euryeidon katapagai
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