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Magalhaes, I. L. F. & Grismado, C. J. (2019). The Malagasy species of the crevice weaver genus Andoharano (Araneae: Filistatidae). Bulletin of the Museum of Comparative Zoology 162(4): 263-307. doi:10.3099/0027-4100-162.4.263 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Andoharano decaryi Filistatidae 276, f. 1, 12A-F, 13A-B, 14A-D (mf) Andoharano decaryi
Andoharano grandidieri Filistatidae 286, f. 1, 23A-G, 24A-E, 25A-B (mf) Andoharano grandidieri
Andoharano griswoldi Filistatidae 298, f. 1, 4A-K, 7A-F, 8B, 11A-E, 35A-E, 36A-E, 37A-B (Dmf) Andoharano griswoldi
Andoharano lehtineni Filistatidae 289, f. 1, 8C, 26A-F, 27A-E, 28A-B (Dmf) Andoharano lehtineni
Andoharano milloti Filistatidae 300, f. 1, 38A-C, 39A-B (f) Andoharano milloti
Andoharano monodi Filistatidae 279, f. 1, 15A-C, 16A-B (f) Andoharano monodi
Andoharano ramirezi Filistatidae 303, f. 1, 8D, 40A-G, 41A-H, 42 (Dmf) Andoharano ramirezi
Andoharano rollardae Filistatidae 294, f. 1, 32A-G, 33A-D, 34A-C (Dmf) Andoharano rollardae
Andoharano simoni Filistatidae 280, f. 1, 2A-F, 3A-G, 5A-B, 6A-F, 8A, 10A-C, 17A-G, 18A-G, 19A-E, 20A-D (Dmf) Andoharano simoni
Andoharano woodae Filistatidae 292, f. 1, 29A-F, 30A-F, 31A-B (Dmf) Andoharano woodae
Andoharano zonsteini Filistatidae 284, f. 9A-F, 21A-G, 22A-C (Dm) Andoharano zonsteini
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