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Framenau, V. W. (2019). Generic and family transfers, and nomina dubia for orb-weaving spiders (Araneae, Araneidae) in the Australasian, Oriental and Pacific regions. Evolutionary Systematics 3: 1-27. doi:10.3897/evolsyst.3.33454 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Acroaspis lancearia Araneidae 5, f. 1A-B (m, T from Araneus) Acroaspis lancearia
Acroaspis mamillana Araneidae 5, f. 2A-C (f, T from Araneus) Acroaspis mamillana
Acroaspis scutifer Araneidae 5, f. 2D-E (f, T from Araneus) Acroaspis scutifer
Anelosimus dianiphus Theridiidae 16 (T from Araneus, Araneidae) Anelosimus dianiphus
Araneus acachmenus Araneidae 16 (nomen dubium) Araneus acachmenus
Araneus agastus Araneidae 17, f. 9A-B (nomen dubium) Araneus agastus
Araneus crinitus Araneidae 20 (nomen dubium) Araneus crinitus
Araneus diabrosis Araneidae 20 (nomen dubium) Araneus diabrosis
Araneus diversicolor Araneidae 20 (nomen dubium) Araneus diversicolor
Araneus exsertus Araneidae 17, f. 9C-D (nomen dubium) Araneus exsertus
Araneus fictus Araneidae 21 (nomen dubium) Araneus fictus
Araneus hamiltoni Araneidae 21 (nomen dubium) Araneus hamiltoni
Araneus lacrymosus Araneidae 21 (nomen dubium) Araneus lacrymosus
Araneus leai Araneidae 21 (nomen dubium) Araneus leai
Araneus mortoni Araneidae 21 (nomen dubium) Araneus mortoni
Araneus notacephalus Araneidae 21 (nomen dubium) Araneus notacephalus
Araneus obscurtus Araneidae 22 (nomen dubium) Araneus obscurtus
Araneus phaleratus Araneidae 22 (nomen dubium) Araneus phaleratus
Araneus pronubus Araneidae 22 (nomen dubium) Araneus pronubus
Araneus rarus Araneidae 22 (nomen dubium) Araneus rarus
Araneus singularis Araneidae 22 (nomen dubium) Araneus singularis
Araneus suavis Araneidae 17 (nomen dubium) Araneus suavis
Araneus subflavidus Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus subflavidus
Araneus urquharti Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus urquharti
Araneus ventriosus Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus ventriosus
Araneus viridulus Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Araneus viridulus
Carepalxis coronata Araneidae 17 (nomen dubium) Carepalxis coronata
Carepalxis furcifera Araneidae 6 (T from Verrucosa) Carepalxis furcifera
Collina glabicira Araneidae 23 (nomen dubium) Collina glabicira
Cyclosa anatipes Araneidae 8 (T from Araneus) Cyclosa anatipes
Cyclosa apoblepta Araneidae 8, f. 3A-E (mf, T from Araneus) Cyclosa apoblepta
Cyclosa argentaria Araneidae 10 (T from Araneus) Cyclosa argentaria
Cyclosa lichensis Araneidae 10, f. 4A-B (f, T from Carepalxis) Cyclosa lichensis
Cyclosa poweri Araneidae 10, f. 4C-D (f, T from Carepalxis) Cyclosa poweri
Eriovixia porcula Araneidae 20 (T from Heurodes) Eriovixia porcula
Heurodes fratrellus Araneidae 20 (nomen dubium) Heurodes fratrellus
Heurodes turritus Araneidae 20, f. 10B (nomen dubium) Heurodes turritus
Neoscona decolor Araneidae 10, f. 5A-C (f, T from Araneus) Neoscona decolor
Neoscona enucleata Araneidae 11 (T from Araneus) Neoscona enucleata
Neoscona flavopunctata Araneidae 12, f. 6A-D (m, T from Araneus) Neoscona flavopunctata
Neoscona floriata Araneidae 12, 7A-D (f, T from Araneus) Neoscona floriata
Neoscona granti Araneidae 14, f. 8A-C (f, T from Araneus) Neoscona granti
Neoscona inusta Araneidae 15 (T from Araneus) Neoscona inusta
Neoscona notanda Araneidae 16 (T from Araneus) Neoscona notanda
Theridion xanthostichum Theridiidae 16 (T from Araneus, Araneidae; raised from subspecies of A. dianiphus) Theridion xanthostichum
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