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Yuan, L., Zhao, L. J. & Zhang, Z. S. (2019). Preliminary study on the spider diversity of the Wanglang National Nature Reserve. Acta Arachnologica Sinica 28(1): 7-36. doi:10.3969/j.issn.1005-9628.2019.01.002 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Clubiona lirata Clubionidae 20, f. 13A-C (f) Clubiona lirata
Clubiona manshanensis Clubionidae 21, f. 14A-C (f) Clubiona manshanensis
Clubiona subapplanata Clubionidae 22, f. 15A-F (mf) Clubiona subapplanata
Cyclosa monticola Araneidae 19, f. 12A-C (f) Cyclosa monticola
Draconarius latiprocessus Agelenidae 8, f. 1A-D (Dm) Draconarius latiprocessus
Draconarius latisectus Agelenidae 8, f. 2A-C (f) Draconarius latisectus
Draconarius magniceps Agelenidae 9, f. 3A-G (mf) Draconarius magniceps
Draconarius potanini Agelenidae 11, f. 4A-G (mf) Draconarius potanini
Draconarius subdissitus Agelenidae 12, f. 5A-G (mf) Draconarius subdissitus
Draconarius wui Agelenidae 13, f. 6A-D (Dm) Draconarius wui
Enoplognatha caricis Theridiidae 29, f. 24A-C (f) Enoplognatha caricis
Enoplognatha margarita Theridiidae 30, f. 25A-C (f) Enoplognatha margarita
Hengconarius exilis Agelenidae 13, f. 7A-G (mf) Hengconarius exilis
Huangyuania tibetana Agelenidae 15, f. 8A-G (mf) Huangyuania tibetana
Lysiteles silvanus Thomisidae 31, f. 27A-C (f) Lysiteles silvanus
Parasteatoda tepidariorum Theridiidae 31, f. 26A-C (f) [N.B.: probably misidentified, cf. P. tabulata) Parasteatoda tepidariorum
Pardosa agrestis Lycosidae 23, f. 17A-C (f) Pardosa agrestis
Pardosa algoides Lycosidae 24, f. 18A-C (f) Pardosa algoides
Pardosa chapini Lycosidae 25, f. 19A-C (f) Pardosa chapini
Pardosa laura Lycosidae 25, f. 20A-C (f) Pardosa laura
Pardosa qionghuai Lycosidae 26, f. 21A-H (mf) Pardosa qionghuai
Pimoa wanglangensis Pimoidae 27, f. 22A-H (Dmf) Pimoa wanglangensis
Pireneitega luctuosa Agelenidae 16, f. 9A-G (mf) Pireneitega luctuosa
Scopoides wanglangensis Gnaphosidae 22, f. 16A-D (Dm) Scopoides wanglangensis
Tamgrinia laticeps Agelenidae 17, f. 10A-G (mf) Tamgrinia laticeps
Tamgrinia rectangularis Agelenidae 18, f. 11A-G (mf) Tamgrinia rectangularis
Tetragnatha praedonia Tetragnathidae 28, f. 23A-G (m) Tetragnatha praedonia
Xysticus ephippiatus Thomisidae 32, f. 28A-C (m) Xysticus ephippiatus
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