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Machado, M., Guzati, C., Viecelli, R., Molina-Gómez, D. & Teixeira, R. A. (2019). A taxonomic review of the crab spider genus Sidymella (Araneae, Thomisidae) in the Neotropics. Zoosystematics and Evolution 95(2): 319-344. doi:10.3897/zse.95.34958 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Sidymella excavata Thomisidae 320, f. 2D, 3D, 4A-F, 5A-F (Dmf) Sidymella excavata
Sidymella furcillata Thomisidae 326, f. 2B, 3B, 6A-F, 7A-F (Dm, f, T from Stephanopis, S of Sidyma multispinulosa) Sidymella furcillata
Sidymella kolpogaster Thomisidae 330, f. 2C, 3C, 8A-F, 9A-F (mf) Sidymella kolpogaster
Sidymella longispina Thomisidae 333, f. 2A, 3A, 10A-F, 11A-F (Dmf) Sidymella longispina
Sidymella lucida Thomisidae 336, f. 1E-F, 2F, 3E, 12A-F, 13A-F (mf) Sidymella lucida
Sidymella marmorata Thomisidae 340, f. 2E, 14A-F (Df) Sidymella marmorata
Sidymella nigripes Thomisidae 343 (species inquirenda) Sidymella nigripes
Sidymella obscura Thomisidae 343 (nomen dubium, type is juvenile) Sidymella obscura
Sidymella parallela Thomisidae 343 (nomen dubium, type is juvenile) Sidymella parallela
Sidymella spinifera Thomisidae 343 (nomen dubium, types are subadult) Sidymella spinifera
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