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Ott, R., Ubick, D., Bonaldo, A. B., Brescovit, A. D. & Harvey, M. S. (2019). A revision of the New World goblin spider genus Cinetomorpha Simon, 1892 revalidated from Gamasomorpha Karsch, 1881 (Araneae, Oonopidae, Oonopinae). Zootaxa 4641(1): 1-152. doi:10.11646/zootaxa.4641.1.1 download pdf


Species Family Page / figures published as
Cinetomorpha adaga Oonopidae 91, f. 68A-72H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha adaga
Cinetomorpha angela Oonopidae 51, f. 35A-H (m, T from Yumates) Cinetomorpha angela
Cinetomorpha atlantica Oonopidae 93, f. 73A-75H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha atlantica
Cinetomorpha baja Oonopidae 58, f. 40A-42H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha baja
Cinetomorpha bandolera Oonopidae 62, f. 42A-45H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha bandolera
Cinetomorpha boraceia Oonopidae 100, f. 76A-78H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha boraceia
Cinetomorpha campana Oonopidae 100, f. 79A-81H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha campana
Cinetomorpha central Oonopidae 26, f. 15A-H (Df) Cinetomorpha central
Cinetomorpha chicote Oonopidae 30, f. 16A-19I (Dmf) Cinetomorpha chicote
Cinetomorpha concepcion Oonopidae 105, f. 82A-H (Df) Cinetomorpha concepcion
Cinetomorpha floridana Oonopidae 86, f. 66A-F (f, T from Opopaea) Cinetomorpha floridana
Cinetomorpha iguazu Oonopidae 106, f. 83A-85H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha iguazu
Cinetomorpha itabaiana Oonopidae 132, f. 103A-105H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha itabaiana
Cinetomorpha laguna Oonopidae 64, f. 46A-48H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha laguna
Cinetomorpha lavras Oonopidae 32, f. 20A-22F (Dmf) Cinetomorpha lavras
Cinetomorpha longisetosa Oonopidae 69, f. 49A-51F (Dmf) Cinetomorpha longisetosa
Cinetomorpha lorenzo Oonopidae 37, f. 23A-24D (Dm) Cinetomorpha lorenzo
Cinetomorpha loreto Oonopidae 69, f. 52A-54H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha loreto
Cinetomorpha nayarit Oonopidae 74, f. 55A-57H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha nayarit
Cinetomorpha nesophila Oonopidae 53, f. 36A-39H (m, Df, T from Yumates) Cinetomorpha nesophila
Cinetomorpha orellana Oonopidae 133, f. 106A-109H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha orellana
Cinetomorpha patquiana Oonopidae 86, f. 64A-65B (m, T from Gamasomorpha) Cinetomorpha patquiana
Cinetomorpha pauferro Oonopidae 110, f. 86A-88H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha pauferro
Cinetomorpha peluda Oonopidae 115, f. 89A-91H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha peluda
Cinetomorpha pinheiral Oonopidae 117, f. 92A-H (Df) Cinetomorpha pinheiral
Cinetomorpha platensis Oonopidae 88, f. 67A-H (f, T from Gamasomorpha) Cinetomorpha platensis
Cinetomorpha pocone Oonopidae 140, f. 110A-112H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha pocone
Cinetomorpha puberula Oonopidae 46, f. 31A-34H (mf, T from Gamasophorpha) Cinetomorpha puberula
Cinetomorpha punctata Oonopidae 120, f. 93A-H (Df) Cinetomorpha punctata
Cinetomorpha quillota Oonopidae 142, f. 113A-115H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha quillota
Cinetomorpha rinconada Oonopidae 122, f. 94A-96H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha rinconada
Cinetomorpha santamaria Oonopidae 122, f. 97A-99H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha santamaria
Cinetomorpha sedata Oonopidae 14, f. 8A-H (f, T from Opopaea) Cinetomorpha sedata
Cinetomorpha silvestris Oonopidae 21, f. 9A-I (f, T from Gamasomorpha) Cinetomorpha silvestris
Cinetomorpha similis Oonopidae 127, f. 100A-102H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha similis
Cinetomorpha simplex Oonopidae 12, f. 2C,E,G, 3A-7D (mf, T from Gamasomorpha, S of Gamasomorpha wasmanniae and Lucetia distincta) Cinetomorpha simplex
Cinetomorpha sternalis Oonopidae 40, f. 25A-30F (Dmf) Cinetomorpha sternalis
Cinetomorpha sur Oonopidae 79, f. 58A-60D (Dm) Cinetomorpha sur
Cinetomorpha vianai Oonopidae 21, f. 10A-4H (m, Df, T from Gamasomorpha) Cinetomorpha vianai
Cinetomorpha waorani Oonopidae 148, f. 116A-119H (Dmf) Cinetomorpha waorani
Cinetomorpha zero Oonopidae 79, f. 60A-63I (Dmf) Cinetomorpha zero
Hexapopha brasiliana Oonopidae 8 (T from Gamasomorpha) Hexapopha brasiliana
Hexapopha m-scripta Oonopidae 8 (T from Gamasomorpha) Hexapopha m-scripta
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